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Beater Blade, Building a Better Paddle

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Is your beating and paddling not effective? Then you need the new and improved method for delivering decisive whipping action! Yeah, I’m not sure where I am going with that either. However, I do know what to say about the stand mixer paddle replacement called Beater Blade +.

What is Beater Blade +?

The Beater Blade + is the latest tool for stand mixers. I know what you are thinking, “another attachment for my mixer?” Yes, but this one you may just love.

If you have used a stand mixer to make cakes, cookies, quick breads, brownies and other tasty treats, you are familiar with the process of mix, stop, scrape down the sides and mix some more. You have also probably experienced the frustration of pouring what you thought was a thoroughly mixed batter into your prepared pan only to discover flour or other ingredients clumped at the bottom. You might even have thought to yourself, “Why doesn’t someone do something to fix this problem?” Well, someone has done something about it and that is where the Beater Blade + comes in.

When I first saw this product in the kitchen shop I worked in, I was, as always, skeptical. I kept an eye on the sales, returns and listened carefully to customer feedback. What I kept hearing was that most people loved this product. Still, I was skeptical because, face it, popular products aren’t always good products.

One day a colleague, whose opinion I respect, said they had used this new beater while doing a baking demonstration one particular Saturday. This person, who wasn’t prone to demonstrative recommendations, actually gushed about its effectiveness. So at that point, I had to find out for myself how this thing worked.

My objective was to determine if I could truly use this beater instead of the one that came with the mixer in every circumstances. I did not want to own something I would only use occasionally, because I have a small kitchen and storage space is at a premium. For the record, I own a 6 qt lift bowl mixer from KitchenAid. So I used the Beater Blade model KA-6L. (See below to determine which blade you need to buy.)

The Observations and Tests

Here is what I made during the few days of testing the beater:

– brownies
– banana bread
– sourdough starter
– shortcakes
– sourdough bread, 1st stage only

The first thing I noticed about the Beater Blade + was that it was lighter than the beater that came with the mixer. The Beater Blade + is made from heavy duty plastic, as opposed to metal on the KitchenAid paddle. It had a firm rubber edge around the outside of the beater; the part that would move around inside the mixing bowl. This is the first design difference.

beater blade plus 1


The other thing you notice is that the blade isn’t straight but curved slightly. This is the second noticeable design change.

beater blade plus 3


There is also a gap at the tip of the rubber edged blade. This allows the beater blade to work around the raised dimple at the bottom of most stand mixing bowls.
beater blade plus 2


These design changes are what give the blade the ability to work more efficiently.

The blade slides onto the mixer arm just as the KitchenAid version would. Once in place, you lift up the bowl and began mixing as instructed by the recipe. I was immediately impressed with the effectiveness. As advertised, the ingredients were fully blended faster than if you used the mixer’s normal paddle.

The blade truly did scrape the sides as it moved around. Depending on what is being mixed, you can actually see the bottom of the bowl for brief stints. I was impressed with how the Beater Blade incorporated and quickly blended the various ingredients of the brownies and banana bread. I concluded that this was a very good start.

After making the banana bread, I decided to see how the Beater Blade would do on my sourdough starter. Like any batter, working with bread dough, it is important to thoroughly incorporate all the flour & other ingredients.

I know the beater blade instructions say not to use it on bread but I had to try it out so I could feel like I really put it through the paces. So I added my starter “seed” and water to the mixer bowl, beater blade in place and switched on the mixer. The starter and water blended together quickly. Then, I added the additional flour as directed in the sourdough recipe and kept the machine running. I was aiming for a firmer sourdough starter, so I added enough flour to get a near finished dough-like state. The blade had no problem incorporating flour and even began to develop the gluten in short order. Test passed.

Next, I made a shortcake whose recipe indicates that it will take about 2-4 minutes to mix all ingredients properly. I wanted to see if the Beater Blade could really do the job in half the time, as they advertise. I even threw in a twist; I put the softened butter in the bowl as one whole stick versus smaller slices as I would normally.

Beater Blade in place, I turned on the mixer, worked the ingredients together on the slowest setting and then, as instructed by the recipe, moved the speed to a medium setting. The Beater Blade was able to thoroughly mix the butter and other ingredients to a smooth batter in just about a minute.

After removing the Beater Blade from the mixer rotating arm, I was able to use it as a bowl scraper. No need dirty a spatula, simply use the beater blade to clean out the inside of the bowl as you pour. I was really liking this product.

Now came the final test. I used the beater blade to mix the sourdough bread to what I call the first stage. Allow me explain. When making bread dough, I use the paddle or blade attachment to bring the ingredients together into a mixed dough and slightly begin to develop the gluten before switching to the dough hook attachment. I do this because it shortens the amount of time it takes for a dough to be properly mixed and developed. Again, I know the company says not to use the blade to mix bread, but I was NOT going to use it to fully knead the dough. Just to bring everything together.

The beater blade performed excellently, mixing the dough together, completely integrating the sourdough starter, flour, salt and water. I then switched to the dough hook, as I normally would, and finished kneading the bread.

You may have to adjust your mixer slightly to ensure the blade operates smoothly with your bowl. I did not have to make any adjustments and most will not have to either. However, you should know there is a chance you may have to do so. In such a case, check the Beater Blade web site and follow the easy instructions for each mixer.


In conclusion, if you bake frequently or find your original stand mixer paddle frustrating when you do, you should get the Beater Blade +. It lives up to the hype and delivers a big improvement over the existing attachments. I feel like I put the Beater Blade through a full battery of tests and it passed each one with flying colors. I am a converted skeptic.

I think this product will force the mixer manufacturers to change how they make beater paddles. As always, I am glad that American companies are thinking of innovative ways to improve products and deliver quality goods to consumers.

Here is a simplified version of the cross reference chart from the Beater Blade+ web site. Use it to find out which blade you need for your mixer.

table test


Mixer Type






Beater Blade + Model



KitchenAid 4.5 & 5-Quart



Artisan, Classic, Classic Plus, Ultra Power: Accolade 400 –
K45, K45SS, KSM75, KSM90, KSM95, KSM100, KSM103
KSM110, KSM150, KSM151, KSM152, KN15E1X
Will work on almost every KA Tilt-Head mixer ever made





KitchenAid 5-Quart Bowl-Lift
(Narrow Bowl)



Heavy Duty, Professional 5 & 500: K4SS, K5SS, KSM5, KP50PS, KPM5, KPM50, KSM50HDP KSM500, KSMC50, KG25H3X, KG25H7X, KG25HOX, KM25GOX,
KG25GOX, 4KSM50PWH, K5-A (post 1950)
** Traditionally has a bare metal crank handle to lift the bowl**





KitchenAid 6-Quart Bowl-Lift
(Wide Bowl)



Professional 6 & 600, Deluxe, Epicurean: KD2661X, KP2671X, KP26M1X
KP26M8X, KB26G1X, KL26M8X, KT2651X, KP26N9X
Professional 5-Plus: KV25GOX, KV25G8X, KV25HOX
** Traditionally has a rubber grip crank handle to lift the bowl**





Cuisinart or Viking 5-quart



Fits all 5 and 5-1/2-Quart bowl Cuisinart, Viking, Kenwood and DeLonghi stand mixers





Cuisinart or Viking or DeLonghi 7-quart



Fits Cuisinart, Delonghi and Viking 7-Quart Stand Mixers models SM-70 SM-70BC SM-70BK





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