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Beater Blade Good But Not Perfect

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I am about to venture into an area where bloggers are not supposed to go – writing negative things about a product or potential partner. However, I feel that there is a need to honestly address all aspects of a product to ensure that my readers get the full picture, in this case the Beater Blade.

Over three years ago, I wrote an enthusiastic piece about Beater Blade and said many good things about how it performed just as advertised. I became a converted skeptic and began to use the Beater Blade every time I needed to use the paddle attachment of my stand mixer. I can say that from then until now, I remain impressed with the results and overall function of the Beater Blade with my Kitchen Aid stand mixer.

But today I was baking and while mixing some dough, I heard an odd sound and looked in the mixer to find that the Beater Blade had cracked and broken off at the neck. It was right below the area where the beater attaches to the mixing arm. Fortunately the ingredients were sufficiently combined to allow me to move on to the next step.

Beater Blade broken

Beater Blade broken


Granted this was a double batch of a somewhat thick dough, but the Beater Blade had never balked or hesitated doing this type of work before so I had no reason to believe it could not do this job as well. I have diligently followed the instructions and guidelines for use of this product. Long time readers know me to be a frequent baker of breads and sweet treats, so nary a week goes by that I am not using my stand mixer – and therefore my Beater Blade.

I guess this just goes to show you (and me) that even a good product has limits. Three plus years of heavy use was the breaking point for this particular item. I had put no thought to how long the Beater Blade would last, but must admit I thought it would last longer than three and half years.

Since I need to replace my favorite attachment, I am of the mind that I will try one of the other products available as replacements to the standard mixer paddle. Kitchen Aid has introduced its own flexible scraper to its attachment lineup called the Flex Edge Beater that competes with the Beater Blade; the other entrant in this competition is the Pourfect Scrape-A-Bowl.

Kitchen Aid Flex Edge paddle

Kitchen Aid Flex Edge paddle at


The difference in price between the two is almost a wash, but the Pourfect product is slightly more expensive. The Pourfect, as I wrote about previously, is taller, covering more of the bowl area and like the Beater Blade has scraping gaskets on all sides. Kitchen Aid placed the gasket strip only on one side whereas their competitors have strips on both sides. And unlike the others, Pourfect has angled crossbars in the middle of the paddle designed to fold your ingredients, rather than stir, for a more thorough mixing.

Pourfect Scrape A Bowl paddle

Pourfect Scrape A Bowl paddle at Amazon


As I write these words, it sounds like the beginnings of a showdown in the mixing bowl for the new replacement paddle attachment. I may buy both and do a head to head competition to see which performs better in the bowl.

As a side note, I have never been able to figure out why the manufacturers of stand mixers couldn’t see the improvements that the Beater Blade brought to the attachment and simply change the type of paddle offered as the standard issue. I will admit that there are times when I want the “normal” mixing paddle but feel that these redesigned versions are good enough to be shipped with the stand mixer, even if it means keeping the present paddle design as a separate attachment.


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