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Breville Introduces ‘Next Generation’ Automatic Espresso Machine

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Breville, a top global kitchen appliance brand and Kitchenboy favorite, announced the launch of the Oracle® Touch. This new ‘next generation’ automatic espresso machine brews what the company calls café quality coffee, similar to that delivered by manual commercial espresso machines, but here using a simple touch screen.

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Breville Introduces New Next Gen Espresso Machine


For those who may not know them, Breville has grown over the last 80 years to become a top global brand by creating thoughtful, consumer focused innovative kitchen products.

I have many Beville products at home, their electric kettle, the monster 1800w toaster oven and their powerful blender. All are well designed, user friendly and durable kitchen appliances.

The new Oracle® Touch is an upgrade to their previous espresso machines introducing intuitive automation and advanced technology. It is designed for coffee lovers who want an easy to use system that creates cafe quality beverages.

Winning a number of 2017 design awards, including the “2017 Best New Product” award from the Speciality Coffee Association, the Oracle® Touch is a true innovation that automates the process to make superior coffee at home, without compromising on taste.

Oracle Touch breville

This latest espresso machine from Breville is a true marvel of automation


The machine’s user friendly automation simplifies the brewing experience and delivers the four key elements, similar to a commercial machine, required for top quality coffee:

1. Correct dose amount of 19-22 grams for full flavor
2. Precise water temperature control throughout extraction
3. Ideal 9 BAR water pressure
4. Sufficient steam pressure to produce micro-foam that creates velvety milk texture

With a touch of a finger, the machine automatically grinds, doses and tamps coffee, automatically pre-infuses and then extracts at 9 BAR pressure using water heated to a precise temperature. Finally, it automatically steams and textures milk to create a variety of coffee drinks, as well as produce the silky micro-foam needed to create latte art. Once a beverage is made, the Oracle® Touch’s steam wand automatically cleans itself.

“The Oracle® Touch is redefining the way consumers prepare and enjoy premium coffee in the comfort of their homes,” said Phil McKnight, Global Beverage Business Manager, Breville Pty Limited. “This machine was designed with brewing true café quality coffee in mind while also simplifying the steps of traditional one-touch automatics. There’s no trade-off required – it simply makes delicious coffee drinks like a commercial machine and the touch screen automation makes it easy to use.”

The Oracle® Touch allows users to swipe and select from a full menu of classic café favorites – espresso, Americano, latte, flat white, or cappuccino – and the option to customize them based on taste preferences. Selectable options include grind size, extraction time, milk temperature and milk texture. Up to eight personalized settings with a unique name and picture can be saved for future use.

Other innovative features of the Oracle® Touch include:

+ Two porta-filter basket options: Includes both single and double shot filter baskets that allow users to easily switch out and adjust the coffee amount used to suit personal preference.

+ Speedy execution: Contains a dual boiler heat system that allows for simultaneous extraction and milk texturing. Users can automatically texture milk to their taste and extract an espresso shot at the same time, saving precious time.

+ Optimal water pressure and temperature: Includes an Over Pressure Valve (OPV) found in commercial machines that helps prevent bitterness by limiting extraction pressure to 9 BAR. Digital temperature control (PID) technology is used to keep water temperatures within an optimum range, which is critical to delivering the perfect tasting espresso.

+ Automatic milk texturing: Injects air directly into the steam line to automatically produce silky micro-foam, allowing you to create latte art, with an option to adjust the level of texture and temperature via the touch screen based on preference.

I currently own another company’s super automatic coffee machine, but when it dies, as all do, I will likely buy this machine. It seems a perfect blend of automatic customizable control producing coffee so good you won’t miss doing it manually.

The Oracle® Touch (Suggest price: $2,499) is available for purchase at Williams Sonoma, Sur La Table, Bed Bath & Beyond, Seattle Coffee Gear, and other retailers.

To see the Oracle® Touch in action, watch the video below…


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