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Champagne Stopper For Lasting Bubbles

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I have many gadgets in my kitchen that I use infrequently. They sit there in the drawer with other products rarely used but when called upon reinforces why I bought it in the first place. Such is the case with the champagne stopper. My wife and I don’t drink much sparkling wine, but when we do, it is normally just the two of us so we tend not finish a whole bottle. No one likes a flat bottle of champagne or sparking wine and throwing it out is a shame.

A few years back we were in a local kitchen shop, looked at the champagne stopper and bought it more on impulse than a perceived need. I am glad we did because the wine vacuum pumps won’t work as a bubbly saver.

Champagne Stopper

A champagne stopper is a simple device actually. While there are newer designs and interpretations, the old design is the most effective. The original style has two hinged clamp arms surrounding a rubber gasket with a spring compression element to press firmly down on the top of the bottle. They are generally made of stainless steel with a higher quality polished finish but sometimes come nickel or chrome plated.

Ghidini champagne stopper

Ghidini champagne stopper at Amazon

The device only works on traditional sparkling wine and champagne bottles which have a pronounced lip on the bottle top. The winged clamps will hold onto the lip and the spring tension keeps the bubbles from escaping. While you could also use it to keep non-alcoholic sparkling beverages fresh, you need to make sure the bottle has the top lip.

champagne bottle topchampagne bottle top unwrapped

Installation is simple. Open the wings press the stopper down on the open bottle then slide the wing clamps down and attach them to the lip of the bottle.

open stopper

The simple stopper will keep your wine full of sparkling goodness for days. The longest we held a bottle using the stopper was one week. It wasn’t exactly as bubbly as the initial opening but was still very tasty.

This was a quick little missive but I felt like an ode to this simple tool was in order. At $7.99 this small device will keep you from wasting valuable dollars on unused champagne.


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