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Chefman’s Perfect Pour Volcano Belgian Waffle Maker Wins IHA 2017 Global Innovation Award

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Chefman, a creative household appliance brand located in Mawah, New Jersey, made their mark on the 2017 International Housewares Show in Chicago winning the coveted Global Innovation Award (gia) in Product Design with its clever “Perfect Pour Volcano” Belgian Waffle maker.

The Perfect Pour Volcano waffle maker represents a major upgrade in innovative waffle machines. Many of us love homemade Belgian waffles, but guessing at measurements, dealing with batter leakage, and the ensuing cleanup time have made waffle making a sometimes frustrating experience.

Chefman’s Innovative Waffle Maker Update

Chefman’s latest waffle maker eliminates these challenges by creating a volcano like top spout through which batter is poured. The batter flows through the top spout into a completely sealed inverted waffle grid creating a natural gravity batter feed. The gravity feed ensures every nook and cranny is filled with batter resulting in a complete waffle every time.

Chefman Perfect Pour Volcano waffle maker

Chefman’s gia Award winning Perfect Pour Volcano waffle maker


Additionally, Chefman has also incorporated a high quality nonstick cooking surface that eliminates any potential stuck-on batter residue. There is a convenient storage space under the unit for the “volcano pour spout.”

Jack Adams, Chefman’s President, was all smiles as he accepted the award on behalf of the company explaining “we set out to produce something exceptional that would breathe new life into an old, inefficient appliance. I am grateful to the International Housewares Association as well as the IHA gia award judges for recognizing our effort in this category.”

The simple, cleaner operation, and hot baking plates should become a hit with fans of homemade waffles. The waffle comes out a little concave in shape, but quickly flattens out when placed on a flat surface.

Demo video from International Home + Housewares Show:

Not the First

The first attempt at this sort of waffle maker came from Cuisinart, and while it is generally well received, there are some minor complaints. Cuisinart’s vertical design is odd for some, with the possibility of a pour spout shaped “handle” on the finished waffle. There is also some issue with their pour spout messes. The latter issue probably due to the fact that the pour spout is permanently fixed into the heated waffle plates and therefore more difficult to clean.

With the Chefman version, the pour spout comes off for easier cleaning, and as you saw in the video, storage for the spout underneath the device. The pour spout, and any batter there, won’t come in contact with the heating plates.

Seeing it in operation, and sampling the results having me lusting for the Chefman Perfect Pour Volcano waffle maker.


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