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Clear Genius™ Reusable Water Filter Might Be Just That

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I have written about many water filtration systems, and included in those articles is the mention that the most popular pitcher based filters don’t properly deal with the spent filters. While most claim to have drop off arrangements with various supermarket chains, my unscientific polling has found most employees don’t know about the programs nor really know what happens to the spent filters.

A select few will pay for the consumer to ship used filters to the company who then completely recycle the materials. Others like Black+Blum uses only the charcoal stick, so it can be composted or thrown away knowing the carbon element will completely breakdown.

For the millions using large brand name pitcher filtration systems, an innovative and eco-friendly water filtration system has been developed to eliminate the estimated 43 million plastic replacement filters used in home water filtration pitchers and disposed of every year. Those 43 million filter cartridges do not degrade and therefore become permanent fixtures in landfills – a sadly ironic twist on the otherwise economically and environmentally sound practice of using home tap water versus purchased bottled water.

The Clear Genius™ Water Filtration System incorporates a two-piece reusable cartridge and the unique Filter Pod™ refills, which are made from easily recyclable casing material, high-grade coconut shell carbon and ion exchange resin. I will wager that the quality of the carbon elements will be superior to the large brand names, some of whom have been sued for toxic elements in their carbon filters.

Clear Genius is the first, and for now only, filtration system that has a reusable cartridge with interchangeable Filter Pod refills.

clear genius filter insert

The Clear Genius(TM) Water Filtration System incorporates a two-piece reusable cartridge and the unique Filter Pod(TM) refills, which are made from easily recyclable casing material, high-grade coconut shell carbon and ion exchange resin. (PRNewsFoto/Clear Genius)


With certification pending from the Water Quality Association, the system will reduce the unwanted contaminants including chlorine and heavy metals such as mercury and cadmium.

The cartridges are designed to fit many brands of water filtration pitchers, such as Brita® and PUR® as well as its own Clear Genius-branded pitcher.

Each Filter Pod refill removes impurities from 40 gallons of water (or two months of total use, whichever comes first) before needing to be replaced, the equivalent to Brita® and PUR® disposable filters; however, because of the reusable cartridge, the Clear Genius system will represent a cost savings to the consumer.

clear genius filter insert how it works

Clear Genius how it works


Clear Genius is slated launch an Indiegogo campaign on October 19, 2015, when contributors will be asked to support the initial launch of the brand. Indiegogo will include Clear Genius in its “Products for Good” social innovation and technology collection upon the launch.

Campaign funders will be offered perks including Clear Genius filter systems, Clear Genius pitchers, and Clear Genius-branded reusable water bottles.

In 2016, the company will offer consumers automated shipments of Filter Pod refills to eliminate the need to remember to replace their filters every two months.

Once fully commercialized, a portion of proceeds from sales will be donated to to help advance the non-profit organization’s efforts to provide clean water to those in need. I love this plan as I am a regular supporter of and their efforts to ensure everyone has potable water.

If you are curious to learn more, visit for detailed information and to sign up to receive updates on the Indiegogo campaign and general product news.

clear genius logo

Keep the cartridge, replace the filter pod.


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3 Responses to “Clear Genius™ Reusable Water Filter Might Be Just That”

  1. kitchenboy

    First off this isn’t an ad, but rather an article announcing the launch of the fascinating product. This piece clearly states the company claimed the cartridges were designed to fit PUR and Brita. If you have concerns about the products performance or function, may I suggest you contact the company at

    Thanks for reading and please keep me posted as to what you learn.


  2. Robert Gat

    Your ad say cartridge is fit Brita I tried ti it fi but do go all in. Robert gat, GatRobert

  3. Alan Pryor

    I have been using Clear Genius for about a month and CG not only delivers great tasting water but the peace-of-mind that I am not needlessly contributing to the many millions of plastic filters added to my local landfill. Clear Genius is a better home filtration system than what is currently being offered at retail and I have stopped
    purchasing 24 count packs of Dasani water on a weekly basis. Better tasting water,
    for less money and reducing waste. What’s not to like about Clear Genius !

    Alan Pryor and family.
    Atlanta, GA

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