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eto The Latest and Maybe Best Wine Preserver Makes a Successful Debut

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Having plenty of housewares experience, I have seen a goodly number of wine preserving products pass my way. To be honest when I saw the email for eto come in, I wasn’t excited. After all, how many “new” ways could there be to preserve wine? Well, it seems eto has actually come up with something truly innovative.

eto attempts to solve a simple problem that many have tried before – wine oxidation. An open bottle of wine mixes with air and starts to oxidize, and within a few days it develops a vinegary taste. The result is that millions of liters of wine are poured down the sink every year.1

eto wine preserver

eto Wine Preserver may solve ages old problem


eto has designed a new way to reduce wine waste, save money and enjoy fresh tasting wine for a longer time.


The creator Tom Cotton, a Welsh London-based product designer, with nearly 20 years experience in bringing products from concept to market. eto means ‘again’ in Welsh, which perfectly sums up the purpose of the product.

Our inability to preserve wine once the cork has been popped is a major cause of this wine waste. And Mr. Cotton quickly discovered that the wine preservation products on the market were either ineffective or hugely expensive. In 2011, he became interested in designing a product that would help to reduce wine waste.

Wine wastage is apparently an environmental problem across the world. In the UK alone, 50 million liters of wine are poured down the sink every year.1 A recent study by Laithwaite’s Wine put the figure down as enough to fill 333 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Patented innovation

The development of the innovative sealing design, using special high-precision glass presented challenging obstacles and took almost five years to complete.

eto components

eto component parts (click for larger view)


Its patented design claims to keeps wine preserved for at least 12 days, as proof they have independent laboratory tests backed with a slew of blind taste tests with wine industry experts.

Independent tests were conducted at Bangor University and found that the unique patented seal achieves the intended goal of protecting wine from oxidation for long stretches. The results indicate eto out-performs all other wine preservation products tested – a wine pump, an inert gas & a bottle with its cork replaced.

Form and Function

In addition to the function of eto, it is actually quite stylishly designed for both preservation and decanting.

The decanter offers drip-free pouring and will fit in the fridge door, yet is large enough to decant a whole bottle of wine.

After you pour the wine into eto, serve, then push down the neck and the eto forces out the air forming a complete contact seal preventing any further exposure with oxygen, to preserve the wine’s full flavor.


Finally, after looking over the product specs and seeing the videos, I feel like this could really be something special.

When filled, it will weigh more than a bottle of wine would, however that shouldn’t stop you from the enjoying its innovative design. In fact, the eto may achieve the wine preservation goal many of us have been searching for over the years. A wine expert colleague of mine looked at eto and her reaction echoed mine – clever design, real potential.

eto style pics

eto color choices


Having not tested it, I can only use logical reasoning to determine the functional possibilities. However, as an experienced innovation awards judge, this product has award winner written all over it.

Their Kickstarter campaign was off the charts successful, raising around a million dollars US. Due to popular demand, the eto team have kept the ball rolling for early buying fun via Indigogo.

The product will retail for a target price of £79($103 USD), but I suspect that will change. The crowd funding price starts at £59($77 USD).

I am going to have to get my hands on an eto, put it through its paces and maybe actually save wine.

1) Waste and Resources Action Programme, Down the Drain -WRAP Project EVA063. Report prepared by WRAP, Banbury.


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