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FINEX Cast Iron Cookware Exclusive Deal At Williams-Sonoma

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I have long been a fan of cast iron cookware, but the brand options for U.S. consumers have been limited for quite some time. The most ubiquitous brand has been Lodge, from Tennessee, but sometimes you may find a few small retailers stocking Universal Housewares cast iron.

Both of these companies have traditional round shaped skillets and pans that are preseasoned and ready for use when you get home. Now a new company has emerged that will offer a different take on the cast iron shape and style.

finex logo

FINEX Cast Iron Cookware

An innovative Portland, Oregon, cookware manufacturer, FINEX Cast Iron Cookware Company, has announced that they will launch an exclusive line of quality cast iron at Williams-Sonoma. This collection of cookware will be sold only at Williams-Sonoma stores and online.

“We are thrilled to get these modern cast iron cookware heirlooms into even more kitchens through this collaboration with a premium company like Williams-Sonoma,” explained FINEX founder Mike Whitehead.

Founded in 2012, FINEX Cast Iron Cookware Co. is a small team of self professed perfectionists whose desire is to bring a new vision to machine polished cast iron cookware. FINEX felt that everyone’s beloved classic cast iron cookware was long overdue for a redesign and update.

finex cookware

FINEX Cast Iron


Inspired by vintage cookware, FINEX uses modern design and updated techniques to offer a new choice for the home chef. They believe that well made cast iron is not only something to be appreciated by the original buyer, but can become a family heirloom passed down from one generation to the next.

The FINEX cast iron skillets have a very unique octagonal “Multi-Pour” design, capable of pouring in six directions. This distinctive shape creates natural angles and is intended to make it easier to slide a spatula under your food while cooking.

finex skillets

FINEX skillets


The other signature feature is a polished stainless steel “Speed Cool” spring handle, designed to cool off much quicker than a standard skillet and shaped to fit the natural curve of your hand. There is also a metal handle on the lids, very sharp and stylish.

Their current product lines include a 12” Cast Iron Skillet as well as their new 10” Cast Iron Skillet and 10” Cast Iron Ribbed Grill Pan.

They also sell an 8″ skillet, a stand alone lid, in addition to small sets of these pans that come with lids.

finex grill pan

FINEX grill pan


Unlike most cast iron, FINEX isn’t, shall we say, inexpensive. The 8″ skillet is $125 and prices go all the way up to the large 12″ skillet at $195, with lidded sets going for up to $270.

The higher cost is due to the heavy human involvement, an artisan approach to assembly and manufacturing. All of this extra effort shows through in the unique stylish look that make Williams Sonoma a logical retail choice.

If you are looking for uniquely styled, yet functional 21st century cast iron, you should take a look FINEX.

You can also find FINEX cookware at these retailers across the USA, Canada and Australia.


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2 Responses to “FINEX Cast Iron Cookware Exclusive Deal At Williams-Sonoma”

  1. kitchenboy

    Karen, traditionally skillets do not come with lids. However, with Finex, using their company website, you can buy a lid that fits, but it isn’t included nor free. For the time being, Finex cast iron is exclusive to Williams-Sonoma from a physical retail perspective. This will change but I don’t know how long it will take.

    As for other cast iron companies, like you would find on Amazon or at other retailers, skillets will not come with lids but you may be able to find a lid that fits depending on the size. For instance, Lodge only makes lids in the 10.25″ or 12″ size. Lids turn a skillet, typically used for high heat searing and frying, into a saute pan or sauteuse. In the case of cast iron lids, the cost is not insignificant…another reason they aren’t typically included.

    I hope this helps.

  2. karen kreutz

    finding it very difficult to find a store in my area… equally as difficult finding the skillet with a lid on amazon. help

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