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In The Kitchen Shop New To Our List

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My lovely wife and her sister recently spent a long weekend in the Steeler crazy town of Pittsburgh. Having been with me for 20+ years, she has developed a keen eye for a good kitchen shop 😉 . I have even managed to infect her with the need to go into kitchen shops while on vacation – sorry honey. Where I love browsing kitchen shops like others do bookstores and am drawn to enter them like a moth to a flame, she does it more out of deference to me though I suspect she now enjoys them. While the sisters were walking through the must-see section of Pittsburgh called The Strip, my wife spotted In The Kitchen. In The Kitchen is an independently owned kitchen store serving the greater Pittsburgh area. They pride themselves on excellent customer service from a well trained, highly knowledgeable staff. They offer a wide range of unique, high quality kitchen supplies & gourmet food items.

In The Kitchen storefront

photo from In The Kitchen’s website

My wife told me that upon entering she was immediately impressed by the depth and variety of products.

In The Kitchen 10th Anniversary

June 2012 marked the 10th Anniversary of In The Kitchen. Their store includes its own in-store teaching kitchen area which is used for demonstrations & the gourmet food sampling. This kitchen area allows them to host special guests, celebrities and kitchen supply vendors who provide demonstrations as part of the “Cooking Theatre”. These special events are most often held on Saturdays, but do happen on other days as well. Like any good kitchen shop they seek to educate, engage and enrich the customer experience beyond the normal retail routine.

In the Kitchen interior

photo from In The Kitchen’s website

Their success in accomplishing their customer satisfaction goals was confirmed when In The Kitchen was chosen as one of the 50 Top Gourmet Retailers in the USA for gourmet foods and kitchenware by THE GOURMET RETAILER.

I know that when I visit Pittsburgh in the future, I will drag my wife back into this kitchen shop and spend far too much time browsing and buying fun products.

Even if you can’t make it to Pittsburgh, you can shop with them online. From what I could see, all of their terrific selections were available for purchase via their website.


In The Kitchen
1725 Penn Avenue (The Strip)
Pittsburgh, PA 15222


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