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Jessicas Biscuit Your Home for Cookbooks

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**Update November 2014** – Sad to report that Jessica’s Biscuit is no longer in business. This article details what I learned


Long time readers know that I am a cookbook fiend. Like me, some people can sit and read a cookbook like others read novels, and thus would love a great resource for that habit. If you are this sort of person, then Jessicas Biscuit or, is the perfect place for you.

Jessicas Biscuit

Jessicas Biscuit Not Another Book Seller

Unlike Amazon or other giant retail book sellers, Jessica’s Biscuit doesn’t sell “Iphones For Dummies” or books on car repair; they only sell cookbooks. Not only do they have a great selection of both popular and rare culinary books at great prices, they offer much more.

Read this from their web page…

“Jessicas Biscuit® takes its cookbooks seriously. Thirteen years ago, when David Strymish realized that one of the most important bread-baking books was no longer available, he arranged to reprint it. Biscuit Books™ — a sister company of Jessicas Biscuit®/™ and New England Mobile Book Fair® — made its publishing debut by printing a beautiful new edition of Elizabeth David’s English Bread and Yeast Cookery. In the years following, Biscuit Books™ has released eight more titles — all much-loved but out-of-print classics. Says David, “These authors are researchers who bring us history. One of the things we do is to preserve and to perpetuate heritage.”

How can you not love people who have such a passion for cookbooks that they bring books back into print and provide a great service at the same time.

If it is food & wine related books you seek, you have to go to Jessicas Biscuit and browse through their cornucopia of printed culinary fun.

You may think you know how many cookbooks come out each year, or better, every month, but to truly be aware of the varied offerings you can follow the Biscuit Blog.



Seeing this Amazon banner ad may cause you to think, “Isn’t this a conflict of interest?” While Amazon is my number one affiliate partner, I don’t see this praise for and enjoyment of Jessicas Biscuit as conflict. is a genre specific small business who fills a necessary niche. Besides, while I make money when people buy online through this website, I also maintain a growing list of bricks and mortar kitchen shops. Relying on one source has never precluded me from supporting others.


4 Responses to “Jessicas Biscuit Your Home for Cookbooks”

  1. KitchenBoy

    Hello Amber, the only thing I found about the closing of Jessica’s Biscuit I detailed in another article, here….

    If you read down the comments of my 2nd article, someone posted another article link which had some comments from Mr. Strymish that, to me, still don’t explain why he really closed the thing. All we know for sure is that he is now running a craft brewery.

    Thanks for reading

  2. Amber Williams

    I miss the website. I was fortunate enough to buy from them in the past. Does anyone know what happened yet?

  3. Nicole Miner

    I, too, want to know where they went, if they are out of business, or what. I love that site, my favorite, have ordered many cookbooks from them throughout the years. Have always received “notifications” from them, but those have stopped. Please, if you can, tell me what has happened to them! I MISS THEM! Thank you.

  4. Gina

    Do you know if they are going out of business? They don’t answer their phone or emails, half their books are out of stock and their blog hasn’t been updated since May. I can’t seem to find out anything anywhere.

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