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Love Cooking Company Partners With Hell’s Kitchen To Create Branded Kitchenware

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Partnerships between housewares companies and popular celebrities are a common occurrence, especially when it comes to culinary products. Many of these arrangements are announced at this time of year, when houseware and trade show season has begun.

The housewares development and brand extension team at Love Cooking Company have entered into a partnership with the producers of the long-running Hell’s Kitchen television show. The multi-year agreement will see Love Cooking Company develop, design, produce, and distribute a line of kitchenware carrying the Hell’s Kitchen brand.

The product line will include a full spectrum of cookware, cutlery, meal-prep, textiles, ceramic oven-to-table, gadgets, and accessories-all integrated together with the distinctive Hell’s Kitchen logo and motif.

Hells-Kitchen logo

Hell’s Kitchen & Love Cooking Enter Brand Partnership


Love Cooking Company is known for managing several lines of brand housewares, including Mrs. Fields, Harry & David, Chef Tony’s, Monster Bakeware, and Kreative Kitchen

“As with our other brands, our Hell’s Kitchen line will be developed from the ground up to encapsulate the look, feel, and vision of our brand partner,” explained Scott Nicholson, President of Love Cooking Company. “In the case of Hell’s Kitchen, these products will be for the cook who wants to put their heart and soul into their culinary creations and push their skills to a new level.”

“Plus”, Nicholson added, “the Hell’s Kitchen housewares collection will set itself apart from the competition through our ability to create massive consumer engagement after the purchase via our brand partner’s extensive social media presence and star power. Unlike competing housewares brands-where the brand-to-end-user connection stops at the retail store’s door-the Hell’s Kitchen home-chef will have access to unique QR Codes and dedicated interactive websites that will keep them connected to a vibrant community of chefs, where they can share their own recipes and creative prep and cooking techniques. This after-market outreach will allow our customers to tap into the true Hell’s Kitchen experience every time they use one of our products.”

Hell’s Kitchen is produced by ITV Studios for FOX Television and has been on the air since 2005. The show quickly gained popularity thanks to the intensity of its bombastic host, Gordon Ramsey, and the drama built by the cooks as they vie to survive and thrive the challenges of being a great chef under pressure.

The Hell’s Kitchen audience numbers nearly 5.5-million viewers per episode, dominated by the much coveted demographic of men and women ages 35 to 49 – considered the key influencers for household purchases. This large viewership has also spawned an active YouTube and social media community numbering in the millions.

hell's kitchen image fox

Time will tell if Hell’s Kitchen / Love Cooking Company partnership will create lasting brand


Accordingly, Love Cooking Company plans to support the Hell’s Kitchen brand with integrated displays and merchandising tools including line-wide cohesive packaging, end-cap decorations in retail shops, and a social media and advertising effort featuring plenty of user-interaction, recipes from actual Hell’s Kitchen chefs, and instructional videos all attempting to create a cohesiveness between the television show and the home-user experience.

This isn’t Chef Ramsey’s first foray into branded kitchen tools, and time will tell if this venture produces a lasting brand that will appeal to the home chef and fans of the television show.

Interested consumers should be able find Hell’s Kitchen cookware and accessories in stores during the first quarter of 2018, but I expect to see the marketing and PR teams work to build excitement throughout 2017.


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