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MAVEA MicroDisc Changes Water Filtration At Home, Office or On-the-Go

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***Update April 2017***

Brita Germany, known in North America as the brand Mavea, has shut down all operations. While I am working on an article taking a closer look at the company that was Mavea, the short explanation is that the MicroDisc products and filters are no more. Since the product didn’t get distributed widely, the filter supply quickly dried up and there is no alternative to direct you to buy.

I am testing a new filter that will fit the Maxtra filter pitchers and will publish a link here when I have more to share.

One of my favorite home water filter systems is Mavea; they not only produce quality filters but also have an amazing filter recycling system.

Their filter recycling system is free to the user, who only needs to save 6 filters, box them up and ship them to Mavea free of charge. Mavea then disassembles the filter, recycling the plastic and repurposing the carbon elements, all from their in-house plant. However, oddly, it seems not many actually take advantage of the free service, even the green-minded people of the world.

Knowing this, and motivated by the need to continually innovate, Mavea decided to redesign their filters with a clever innovation – introducing smaller interchangeable filters.

mavea logo

Mavea Introduces New Water Filters

The MicroDisc Filtration System features this new water filter, smaller than a drink coaster, that will work across the three new products to provide better tasting water whether at home, in the office or on-the-go. For now, the MicroDisc filter is the only filter interchangeable across products, used in MAVEA’s Pitcher, Carafe and Water Bottle.

“MAVEA is happy to deliver innovation in water filtration, with new features in the category for the first time in many years,” said Kristin Affatato, director of marketing for MAVEA. “Our MicroDisc filters not only provide more great-tasting water per filter – they are smaller and easier to store, with interchangeability that makes enjoying filtered water easier and more convenient than ever.”

The unique MAVEA Advanced CCC™ (Compressed Catalytic Carbon) Filter Technology reduces chlorine and chloramine, two chemicals that can give water a poor taste, while leaving in minerals such as magnesium and calcium that are important for health and proper coffee or tea extraction.

MAVEA’s MicroDisc is included in the aforementioned products which are BPA-free, shatter-resistant and dishwasher-safe, including:

MAVEA Water Filter Pitcher with MicroDisc: Features a 10-cup quantity, MEMO meter to measure filter life, fitted lid with pour-through design, ergonomic grip handle and advanced in-molded feet that look great while preventing surface scratches and slippage. Available in black for a suggested retail price of $29.99.

Mavea Black pitcher filter

Water Filter Pitcher with MicroDisc


MAVEA Water Filter Carafe with MicroDisc: Provides 5.5 cups of water and would work equally well on the dinner table or at the office. Features a sleek and stylish high-gloss design (with MEMO meter), and fits easily in most refrigerator doors. Available in white for a suggested retail price of $24.99.

microdisc carafe mavea

Water Filter Carafe with MicroDisc


MAVEA Water Filter Bottle with MicroDisc: Provides 20 ounces of filtered water while on-the-go, featuring an easy-open top that operates with just one hand, a leak-proof lid and a pull-up spout. Available in purple and blue for a suggested retail price of $14.99.

microdisc bottle mavea

Water Filter Bottle with MicroDisc (buy at Amazon)


The MAVEA MicroDisc filters featured in all of these products eliminate the plastic housing traditionally found in water filters meaning regardless of whether you throw it in the trash or compost bin, it will breakdown completely.

The company says the disks are ready-to-use without pre-soaking, but the instructions for the portable bottle do say, soak the disk for about 1 minute before using the first time – not a lot of time, but it still has to be done – and you don’t have to filter then dump water.

mavea microdisc

Mavea MicroDisc filter filter smaller than a drink coaster


With MicroDisc filters, as with the original filters, you can get improved water quality and taste without the dark charcoal bits found in many systems. I tested the new filter against the original design and found the Total Dissolved Solids reduction to be almost identical.

“The MAVEA MicroDisc Filtration System helps customers rethink their water by offering a more convenient and cost-effective option for great-tasting water, no matter where they want it,” said Affatato. “In addition to improving water taste for drinking and cooking, the MicroDisc filter gives users another small but meaningful way to decrease their environmental footprint.”

I have not tried all the products yet, but in limited use, I find the portable bottle to be a bit awkward to use. It is a pull system, meaning you have to draw the water out of the bottle using suction rather than being able to squeeze. The attached lid flips back easily with one hand but seems in the way when you drink. I do appreciate that the lid won’t be lost and love how easily the filter is replaced in the lid assembly. I expect we haven’t seen the last iteration of the bottle design.

MAVEA MicroDisc filter refills are available in packs of three for a suggested retail price of $11.99. The Pitcher, Carafe, Water Bottle and refill filters are available at, and will be available at soon, and at Target and Bed Bath & Beyond stores in September, 2016.


3 Responses to “MAVEA MicroDisc Changes Water Filtration At Home, Office or On-the-Go”

  1. T

    I’m with the poster above. I have three new Mavea pitchers that take microfilters and can’t get filters for them, so it’s a load of plastic for the landfill and a lot of money out of my pocket. Can’t someone at least produce the filters for awhile for those that have pitchers? I just upgraded my pitchers a few months ago and the company shut down just months after offering the product in the first place.

  2. kitchenboy

    Hi, I am with you in disappointment about Mavea. Mavea pitchers and filters are actually Brita Germany. The North American rights to the Brita name and products was sold to Clorox years ago and are not the same thing. What we call Mavea is Brita everywhere else around the world.

    I am still not sure why Mavea/Brita Germany have ceased operations in North America. I have an email into the German company, but doubt I will hear back from them any time soon. The only thing I know is that their price point was a little on the high side, even though their product is better than the lesser priced models.

    Also, when I spoke to retailers about filter sales, I was told that unless the store sold x number of pitchers, they weren’t allowed to sell the replacement filters. The filters are where the money is for a retailer, so without that as a revenue stream there was little motivation to sell the pitchers. I can only imagine how this hurt the overall sales figures.

    If you are looking for easy, basic water filtration, try Black+Blum. They use a simple carbon stick to pull out the heavy metals and toxins, then when you are done, toss the stick in a compost as it is totally natural.

    For complete water purification, I would recommend ZeroWater. This is a pricier option, but does have 5-stage total purification, zero dissolved solids. They even have a travel or on the go option for use at work or school.

    I hope you find an alternative that works for you.

    All the best

  3. S


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