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Microplane Tools To Help Prep The Fresh Herbs And Fruits Of Summer

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Kitchenboy has long been a fan of Microplane┬« products – their rasps and graters fill my countertop tool crocks. Like many successful kitchenware companies, Microplane never stops adding quality tools to their original line.

SwiftStrip® Herb Prep Tool

Microplane’s new SwiftStrip herb and leafy greens prep tool is designed to trim herbs and strip leafy vegetables, such as kale swiftly and easily.

microplane SwiftStrip herb stripper

Microplane SwiftStrip herb stripper


Made of durable stainless steel, the SwiftStrip is a uniquely curved tool that combines varying sized holes to easily strip off the leaves of herbs and leafy greens. There is also a razor-sharp, beveled edge blade at the end for trimming stems.

microplane swiftstrip in action

Microplane SwiftStrip in action


There are many tools designed to help strip leaves from herbs, but what I like about the SwiftStrip is that the familiar knife shape will make it more likely to be used. My fingers have never been adept at stripping leaves from thyme but tools like this make it much easier to maximize the yield.

The tool’s largest hole is specifically sized to accommodate the trendy Tuscan kale (also known as lacinato, dinosaur and palm tree kale), which is characterized by its extra long and thick leaves. A mixture of different size holes makes it easy to use the SwiftStrip to prep a wide range of herbs and other types of leafy greens.

Microplane SwiftStrip

Microplane SwiftStrip stemming kale


Also, SwiftStrip’s stainless steel body is sturdy enough to provide leverage when pulling stems from tough greens without having to worry about breakage.

Another key benefit is that it works equally well for right or left-handed cooks. It is styled with a comfortable handle in vibrant green and is dishwasher safe.

The dual-function SwiftStrip will be available in September at Sur La Table and other retail stores nationwide in November for $9.98 suggested retail.

Microplane 2-in-1 Core and Peel®

In late summer, long before people begin to think about them, apples and pears are in abundant supply. While the weather is still warm and plein air dining still possible, it is fun to add sliced apples or pears to everyday sandwiches, or make meat and cheese platters more appetizing.

microplane coreandpeel with fruit

Microplane 2-In-1 Core and Peel


Though they are easy to find and relatively inexpensive, prepping apples and pears has typically required a couple of tools to get them ready to serve. One tool to core the fruit and another to peel it. Sure there are the counter mounted corer-peelers, but in my experience, most people find the devices confusing and frustrating to use.

The new Microplane 2-in-1 Core and Peel is designed to prep apples and pears with one efficient dual-action tool. The saw-tooth coring blade is flanked by two sharpened edges that separates and extracts the fruit’s core quickly and easily. On the bottom of the tool’s soft-grip handle is a small, straight edge peeler blade to conveniently remove fruit peel.

microplane core_and_peel in action

Microplane Core and Peel in action


Both ends of this sharp tool have protective covers to ensure a long blade life and prevent injuries when not in use. It is also dishwasher safe, which people seem to love.

Th 2-In-1 Core and Peel from Microplane is available across the U.S. for $12.95 suggested retail.


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