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Must Have Grilling Tools

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Now that we are deep in the dog days of summer, we are also deep into the heart of grilling season. Many of us are now grilling with regularity, but I wonder if our grilling repertoire could use a little boost. I wanted to write about some of my favorite grilling tools that can accentuate the any grill and make it more versatile.


As I had written before, I switched to a charcoal grill following the demise of my propane grill two years ago and after an adjustment period have begun enjoy the smoky goodness of the food cooked on it. However I understand the appeal – and sometimes long – for the convenience of propane.

My grill of choice is the Weber One Touch Gold 22.5″ Charcoal Grill. I love the large ash collection bin, and the side hinged cooking grate allows one to easily add more charcoal or wood during the cooking process without removing the grates completely. If I were to switch from this old work horse, I would seriously consider the newest grill from Rosle. Rosle is a company best known for making high quality kitchen tools but has been expanding their product lines lately.

Rosle Grill

Rosle Grill at


This grill is pretty impressive. I have seen it at two different press events and really like some of the features that the German engineers have modified. The grill is larger in diameter than my Weber and has a higher dome which should improve airflow and cooking ability. Like the Weber, it has the hinged grates and large ash bin, but there are other improved features. They moved the vents from the side of the lid to the top where the handle is typically located on a Weber. Rosle added a special side bar to hold the lid safely without the need to sit the hot lid on the ground. I can’t wait to get my hands on a Rosle grill and put it through its paces.


The tool that I could not do without is the rotisserie attachment. I wrote about it previously and still feel if there is one add-on grill tool you should own, it is this one. As I mentioned in the other article, the rotisserie chicken alone is worth the purchase price. If you already own the rotisserie, try this recipe idea from Weber Rosemary Brined Rotisserie Chicken

Weber charcoal rotisserie

Weber charcoal rotisserie at


Kettle Pizza

The next recommendation is a new grilling tool for me: the Kettle Pizza. This device turns the Weber or any appropriately sized domed grill into a literal pizza oven capable of 800-900° of heat and adding the smoky taste from the added wood. I am in the process of writing a detailed review regarding all the functionality but sufficed to say, it makes great pizza.

Pizza Kettle grilling tool

Pizza Kettle at


Grill Sauté Pan

Another grilling tool you will like is the mesh lidded sauté pan from Outset. It can be used for veggies, meat or fish and the design allows you to shake the pan over the fire as well as let it sit directly over the coals on the grill. The ability to flip and shake the pan without fear of food flying out allows you to do a form of stir fry cooking over the open flame for the added smoky flavor you expect from grilling. In addition to cooking meals over the grill, it can be used to make popcorn over an open fire or grill. For a good recipe idea, try this one from the William Sonoma website.

Outset Mesh Grill Saute Pan grilling tool

Outset Mesh Grill Saute Pan at


Gloves and Tongs

The next tools for discussion are less about actual food preparation and more about convenience for the cook. I will start with grill gloves. As mentioned in this article from last year, my two favorite gloves are full length leather and the Pit Mitt glove by Charcoal Companion. I like the way each covers more of the forearm than most gloves and provides better dexterity with 5 finger flexibility.

Steve Raichlen grill gloves

Steve Raichlen grill gloves at

Pit Mitt

Pit Mitt at


The newest grilling tool that I am enamored with is a new tong from the Australian company DreamFarm called the Clongs BBQ. The shape of the head not only allows you to scrape the BBQ grates, but also helps you pick food up very easily and has a clever built-in sausage cutter and pricker. The feature I really like is the push button lock and release mechanism, which allows you easy locking and unlocking using only one hand. You push the end of the tong against your body, the wall or a table to work the locking mechanism. Additionally, the offset design of the tongs keeps the business end of the tong off the counter for a cleaner, safer work environment.

Clongs BBQ grilling tool by DreamFarm

Clongs BBQ by DreamFarm at


Grilling Tool Summary

Certainly there is nothing wrong with simple grilled meats, hamburgers, hotdogs or vegetables, but the grilling tools I have highlighted here will allow you to bring a refreshing variety and gourmet-like feel to meals from the grill.

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