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New LidSitter – Clever Solution To A Common Cooking Problem

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Familiar with this problem? You are cooking and need to take the lid off the pan. You then hold the lid in the air, dripping condensation all over, while looking for somewhere to rest the lid without burning yourself or taking up too much space.

Many companies manufacture lid holders meant for the counter, and a few others make devices to hold the lid on the side of pan, but it is hard to find a product that does both in one.

lidsitter with spoon

LidSitter holding lid and spoon

The LidSitter is a new kitchen accessory that gets pan lids and utensils safely – but not far – out of the way, without sacrificing precious counter space. With the LidSitter, you can place pan lids, ladles & spoons directly onto pan rims, or rest them safely on the counter eliminating mess and saving space.

lidsitter on counter

LidSitter on the counter

One of the key benefits is that it eliminates the annoyance of condensation dripping onto a stovetop, counter or floor when handling the lid. The LidSitter’s angled design allows condensation to drip back into the pot, making for a cleaner, safer cooking area.

lidsitter on pan side

LidSitter holding lid on the pan side

Home cooks will also like that the LidSitter can help reduce possible burns from touching hot lids at awkward angles.

The LidSitter can be a great help at picnics or during potlucks, keeping both the lid and spoon or ladle at the ready and off the serving surface.

The LidSitter appears to fit most any size lid, whether knob or wire-form style handle. Although as an aside, I am not sure how effective it would be with large cast iron lids. Even if you don’t have any hooks to store it out of the way, it shouldn’t take up too much space in a cabinet or sitting near the stove.

lidsitter going on

New LidSitter pan lid accessory

As an experienced housewares innovation award judge, I can say that if LidSitter crossed my path, it would score high enough to be in the running for a kitchenware award.

I haven’t tried it out in person, but am impressed by the clever overall design and potential to be a useful kitchen accessory.


Khanh Bui, the creator of the LidSitter, has developed a Kickstarter campaign to ensure that his practical and clever invention hits the ground running. The campaign’s funding goal has been met, with plenty of time remaining to get in on the early offers. As you know, met funding goals mean that all campaign backers will see the product delivered when the initial production run ships.

“The best kitchen accessories are simple, elegant and solve a real problem rather than invent one,” adds Bui. “Moreover, tools should be multi-purpose and adaptable. I considered all of those things in the original design of LidSitter. Now, I’m asking the Kickstarter community’s support to turn this dream into a reality.”

Lightweight, weighing just a quarter pound (100g), LidSitter is available in a few handle colors including black, blue, red and yellow.

Bui and his team have put together an interesting selection of “rewards” to ensure the Kickstarter campaign enjoys continued success:

– At the $10 and $15 levels, backers will receive one LidSitter with black handle.

– For $30, backers will earn one LidSitter with their choice of handle color, as well as fulfillment just two weeks after the campaign ends.

– A “Friends and Family” pack of 4 LidSitters is available for $55.

– Wholesalers can pick up 100 LidSitters for a generous contribution of $1000.

Fulfillment of orders for Kickstarter backers is expected to run through November 2016, after which the LidSitter will have a full commercial launch – hopefully in time for Christmas. There is also an option to ship the product to any number of international destinations.

The Kickstarter campaign isn’t the only way to show interest in LidSitter, you can follow the latest developments on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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