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Off Kitchenboy Path – Harmonyx Trash Bags

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As I have mentioned before, major housewares shows generate a flurry of activity for the press. There are tons of pre-show emails and mailings of press material & even products. This year was no exception and included a product, Harmonyx™ kitchen trash bags.

As a bit of a teaser, I am glad I came up with this concept of “Off the Kitchenboy Path” which allows me to veer slightly away from kitchen tools to cover products like Harmonyx. These bags, which came partnered with an office sized Simple Human trash can, are touted to be good for the environment, anti-microbial and an odor reducer. I was grateful for the free product, but reticent to use it and of course, skeptical about its claims.

Harmonyx Trash Bags

Harmonyx Trash Bags at Amazon

What are Harmonyx Trash Bags?

Common frustrations that we experience in our lives can often lead to the creation of new products and companies; such was the case with Harmonyx (pronounced har mon’ ics). These trash bags were born from the aggravations of an everyday person like you or me.

I will let the About section of their website tell you the background:
As President and CEO of Aluf Plastics, the manufacturer of Harmonyx bags, and also as a mother and grandmother, I understand how hectic it can be to shop, and how confusing it can be to buy the right trash bag. It should be simple, but it isn’t. There are different features such as, sizes, strengths, closures, scents, colors and quantities in each box, all designed to make your decision difficult not easy.

It got me thinking, “does it have to be so difficult to make a decision about trash bags”? The obvious answer was NO! Just create one bag that has it all. That insight led to the creation of Harmonyx, a bag with ALL the features of a high performance bag, PLUS new exclusive innovations, all at a VERY friendly price.
So what does a flustered, concerned mother and grandmother do? She creates a product that would make her happy and which she feels confident will appeal to other conscientious parents.

The benefits and areas where Harmonyx bags separate themselves, breakdown into three main points:

– Super strong trash bags made with three layers of plastic
– Made from 50% Recycled Material
– Inhibit the growth of bacteria and odors


The bag strength is based on the 3-ply layering of plastic. It will stretch and withstand heavy loads of trash without the worry of breaking and making a mess. I never felt like it was going to fail during use and if they had tons of money for national TV spots, they could probably show the bag withstanding bulky objects in a “stuffed to the gills” trash bag demonstration. A tough, durable bag also means you won’t use more plastic than you need.

Made from Recycled Material

The strength and durability is in no way compromised by the fact that 50% of the material used to manufacture Harmonyx trash bags is from recycled post-industrial polyethylene that would otherwise go to a landfill. The other 50% is from a proprietary blend of plastic resins.


Using a product called MICROBAN™®, the Harmonyx bags will resist bacterial growth and odors. This antimicrobial product protection is not a sprayed-on coating; it’s actually built-in during manufacturing. Therefore the MICROBAN product protection will not wash off or wear away, so it provides continuous protection for the useful lifetime of the trash bag. MICROBAN does not have any odor in and of itself so you won’t notice any odd smells from it either.

Don’t be fooled by this antimicrobial aspect, particularly those who think the bags would be safe to brine turkeys; it is not recommended that you store food in Harmonyx bags.

Storage & Dispensing Tube

I would even include the cool dispensing tube as a benefit because it really does allow for easy bag extraction. With a 4″ diameter, the tube is designed to vertically store under the sink and not take up a lot of space. Pulling out one bag, will prepare the next one for use with just the end bit slightly protruding from the tube.

Harmonyx undersink

Harmonyx undersink


Because it is important to me, and maybe you also, Harmonyx trash bags are made in the USA by Aluf Plastics.

How Did They Perform?

Since our home consists of only 2 adults, we don’t generate a lot of trash. So my wife & I don’t have a need for the 13-gallon bags in any single room. We used the Harmonyx bags in our outdoor trash can to hold all the trash from around the house.

The bacteria and odor resistant bags have made taking the trash out less of an olfactory assault. With other bags, I would lift the lid and be greeted by unpleasant odors. These face-scrunching episodes are pretty much a thing of the past since we began using Harmonyx.

To help reduce the odors, I pull the green draw string closed, but not too tightly, to allow the MICROBAN to do its thing. Also having it lightly bound allowed me to easily open the bag to place more trash inside. Now certainly, once you open the bag, decaying odors will rise up, but they really are noticeably reduced with these MICROBAN treated bags.

Harmonyx 13 gallon bags

Harmonyx 13 gallon bags at Amazon


Note: taking the first bag out of the dispenser can be frustrating, like starting a new roll of tape. After you get the first bag out, the easy-feed design works as intended.

When empty, the dispensing tube can be easily separated into metal and cardboard for recycling in your community program.

You can buy the Harmonyx trash bags at HomeDepot, and other bricks & mortar locations listed on their website or online at Amazon.


In the end, I have to say the bags are what they say they claim – strong, antimicrobial and odor reducing. It’s a bonus that they are made in the USA from recycled materials. Having enjoyed using the complimentary bags, I would give serious consideration to purchasing them.


2 Responses to “Off Kitchenboy Path – Harmonyx Trash Bags”

  1. kitchenboy

    Hello Allyson, sorry to hear about your situation. I don’t know if the odors you are detecting are harmful or not. My first thought would be to contact the EPA and see if the air quality meets safety standards.

    From the brief searches I did this morning, it seems that processing of recycled plastic does release unpleasant odors. There are however several companies attempting to provide solutions for groups like Aluf. This link explains one company’s product to help …

    If the EPA determines that the air in the area of the factory and your neighborhood is “safe,” then it becomes a frustrating experience for people like yourself. I had a former colleague who lived near an Anheuser Busch factory and said the odors from their brewing were a real menace – not toxic, but just a completely dominating odor when they were in operation.

    Sorry I can’t be of more help, I wish you the best in finding a resolution.

  2. Allyson Sullivan

    I live a half mile north of this company Aluf. They spew toxic smelling odors into our residential neighborhood. We are in a battle with the town and DEC to hold them accountable.
    What are the dangers of inhaling fumes from melting plastics with recycled materials and microban???

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