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PerfectGreen NonStick Fry Pan Review

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Back in 2012, Hearthware NuWave introduced a line of frying pans called PerfectGreen. Members of the press were offered a skillet to try at home, which I gladly accepted. Obviously I did not write a review immediately, but instead chose to use the pan over a period of time to see if it would perform consistently. Home consumers don’t have the option of using a product for a couple weeks then moving on to the next new brand, so I try to emulate week-in week-out wear and tear.

PerfectGreen Fry Pans

Made from bonded stainless steel with Duralon, a diamond based nano-ceramic non-stick technology, the pans were originally created as a companion tool for the popular NuWave PIC – Precision Induction Cooktop. The Duralon coating is a very hard, natural and safe ceramic material that is long-lasting as well as eco-friendly – free of PTFE, PFOA or any other toxic elements.

The pan base is an almost 1/2″ disk of magnetic stainless steel which allows it to be used on induction surfaces as well as any other cooktop surface. While the base is quite thick, the pan itself is light and easy to maneuver. The 100% metal handle allows the pan to be oven safe even under high heat.

The original PerfectGreen skillets had a green non-stick interior but now come with a more stylish bronze color. This is simply a stylistic change and has nothing to do with the actual performance of the pan or coating. One of the recent developments in non-stick surface technology is the ability to change the surface color. I have seen non-stick surfaces of white, red, green, etc. in place of the old charcoal or black surface with which you are most familiar.

The press were given an 8-inch “omelet” pan, but PerfectGreen is sold in 9, 10.5 and 11.5-inch sizes; each skillet has an optional glass lid available for purchase.

PerfectGreen nonstick skillets

PerfectGreen nonstick skillets


There is also a 10-piece set which includes a 7.5qt stock pot, a 3.5qt braiser style pan and saucepans in 3qt, 2 qt and 1.5qt sizes, all with matching tempered glass lids.

PerfectGreen cookware set

PerfectGreen cookware set


All are very affordable, with skillets priced at $29.97, $39.99 and $49.98 respectively and the set selling for $199.95.

The only place to buy these pans is on the NuWave website, look under the Parts & Accessories category.

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PerfectGreen Performance

Now to address the actual performance of PerfectGreen pans, the real reason you are reading this article.

I used this small skillet to cook all manner of eggs (fried, over-easy, scrambled and omelet), sausage, chicken breasts, and fish – quite literally anything that would fit in the 8″ space.


The thick stainless steel base is a very efficient distributor able to bring the pan to temperature quickly and maintain that heat consistently throughout the cooking process.

In head-to-head competition with several other non-stick pans, PerfectGreen consistently reached cooking temperatures faster. Food was ready to eat in less time and thus used less energy to cook the food.

Tests against a leading Ceramic Cast Aluminum pan:

To reach…
– 325 F
PerfectGreen – 2:20 – 2:35 minutes
Ceramic Cast Aluminum pans – 4:20 – 4:35 minutes

– 425 F
PerfectGreen – 6:40 – 7:00 minutes
Ceramic Cast Aluminum pans – 9:40 – 10:00 minutes

Non-Stick Ability

At the outset, PerfectGreen performed just as you see demonstrated on TV or at trade shows. No oil or fat is required for eggs or other foods to cook and just slide right off the surface like it was waxed.

However as time passed, the surface became less and less non-stick. I would estimate that under regular usage you would notice this performance slip in 4-8 weeks. It’s not that it completely loses its non-stick ability but it performs more like an uncoated surface, meaning that you need to use some form of oil or fat to achieve an acceptable non-stick performance while also managing your pan temperatures very closely.

In the ongoing head-to-head competitions against other coatings under identical circumstances, even much older pans, the performance paled.

I monitored the temperatures of the competing pans closely throughout using a Laser Probe Digital Thermometer to ensure consistent steady heat.

PerfectGreen pan comparison

PerfectGreen pan comparison


In this photo eggs were fried over-easy without oil and what you see is the remaining egg stuck on after removing the cooked eggs. The PerfectGreen pan stuck badly and had to be scraped out leaving misshapen and broken eggs. When cleaning up, the stuck on bits needed to be scrubbed to be removed. The much older Ceramic Cast Aluminum pan had no problems with sticking or cleanup.


I don’t like to write negative things about products but I have to be true to you the readers and be honest about my experiences.

I wanted to like this pan but as the most important aspect of a non-stick pan is its ability to not stick, if you are in the market for a new non-stick pan, there are better choices out there even in the same price range.


Disclaimer note: The banner and product links in this post, except the ones to the Hearthware NuWave website, are associated with affiliate partners who pay a commission to this site if you purchase products from them.

24 Responses to “PerfectGreen NonStick Fry Pan Review”

  1. Chrystal Rutledge

    I was very happy with the environmental claims from the manufacturer, and these pans were great at first, especially for omelettes — I told everyone to get a set. Very quickly, however (within 3 months!), both the bottoms and interiors deteriorated. The bottom surface became sticky to the touch, and now I can’t get eggs out of the pan interiors without soaking for hours. Even a stainless steel (nonstick) pan would be better. Please know that I followed the directions precisely for seasoning and cleaning and have used only soft teflon utensils. Also, the handles on the lids get very hot and I have burned myself several times. I do not recommend.

  2. KitchenBoy

    @Chrystal Rutledge – As you read in the article, like you, I saw surface degradation but did not experience any of the other problems you had with yours. It could be that the model I used had different design features that prevent some of those problems.

    Thanks for your feedback and thanks for reading


  3. Mario Watson

    The pans are coated with Duralon which, in addition to providing a reliable, non-stick surface, is also environmentally friendly. Whereas other non-stick pans are coated with PTFE, BPA and other toxic chemicals that can chip away after heavy use under high temperatures, our Duralon coating is completely non-toxic. No toxins in the pan means no toxins in your food. Even if the PerfectGreen Fry Pan is accidentally overheated, you can rest assured knowing that no harmful chemicals will leak into your meals. Not only is our non-stick coating healthier than others on the market, it requires less energy to produce than pans with PTFE coating. So not only is the PerfectGreen Fry Pan a healthy cooking tool, it is also earth conscious. You get to protect the planet while you protect your health!

  4. KitchenBoy

    @Mario – clearly you work for the company or are involved in marketing/sales for the company. Thanks for reemphasizing the environmental aspects of Duralon, I was fully aware of the coating’s construct, but if you actually read the article you would see the full picture of the pan and the Duralon lifespan.

    A non-stick surface (and therefore pan) must be functionally non-stick throughout the life of the pan or its “green” cred doesn’t mean much. If a pan doesn’t continue to perform at a high level, consumers will dispose of the pan opting for another product. The neglected pan will – surface intact and unchipped – will end up in a land fill somewhere. Consumers have very little patience, are fickle and will move to another brand quickly.

    If you scan the internet boards, you will see that my experiences with Duralon are not unique (see even Crystal’s comments above).

    Thanks for contributing to the conversation


  5. Scott

    Consumers have very little patience, are fickle and will move to another brand quickly.

    It is not being fickle for consumers to expect a product to live up to the manufacturers claims, or is it having little patience.

    What is fickle is for you to imply by your claim that consumers do not have a right to expect honesty and integrity from manufacturers and retailers.

    It is also fickle for you to imply that business has a right to defraud the consumer with false claims.

    When it is claimed that a product performs in a specific manner and to a specific quality, I for one expect that product to perform in the exact manner and to the exact quality that the manufacturer and retailer describe.

    If I find that the product is not what the manufacturer claimed, then I consider that manufacturer fraudulent and untrustworthy, definitely not worthy of future business from me. That is not being fickle or impatient, that is requiring integrity and honesty from those with whom I do business.

    Stop making stupid statements that make people feel bad about expecting others to act morally proper. The past 30 years of moral relativity has done enough damage to the American dream and it’s far past time that we get back to the moral high ground that many of the founding fathers had for the USA.

  6. Nelson Donnell

    Come on now Scott, don’t kill the messenger merely because you don’t like the lack of integrity of the manufacturer.

    Although I can identify with your feelings toward the past years of moral relativity having done enough damage to the American dream and it being far past the time that America should be striving to get to the moral high ground, I don’t think the reviewer of this product has done anything to lessen those values of presenting a fair and impartial review of this product.

  7. Isaac

    I think Scott is dead on the mark with his perspective. And I think Kitchenboy was good, until he threw in “fickle consumers”, etc. I believe that’s the point Scott was making.

  8. John

    I am pleased that someone does their best to present things equally from both perspectives. While using “fickle” or other such words may not be entirely appropriate, it is not condemnatory to the populace nor degrading to the individual using it, but simply not the best choice in order to please “all the people all the time”. Stop being so judgmental on such small differences.

  9. Rob

    We purchased a 9 and 10 inch perfect green pan and were very happy with them for about 4 weeks. We read and followed all directions on care and cleaning. After about 4 weeks food on both pans began to stick and advertised nonstick feature and cleanup became progressively more difficult. We contacted the manufacturer and were told they would NOT refund our purchase price because this was NOT a manufacturing defect. THIS IS A COMPANY I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH AGAIN NOR DO I THINK ANYONE WHO VALUES THEIR MONEY SHOULD EITHER !!!!!!

  10. Bahb

    I’m so sorry I wasted my money on cookware and the Induction cooktop. My pans not only lost the non-stick capability, they warped in the center so they were useless even if I had been willing to scrub away the burned-on food. It took about a month to get them from GREAT to USELESS!

  11. Dennis Czupryna

    It is obvious the company Nuwave invested too much of their money in this cookware. I hope the employee who backed this product is no longer there. I like the Nuwave cook top and it has a lot of possibilities. Where is the corporate
    responsibility, there are other pan mfg. they can hang their hat on. My daughter and I both have bought these pans and they look great, but after a few weeks food would stick and that sucks with a capital S.

  12. Wayne

    I purchased the Nuwave induction cooktop and got the other one for just the S/H. I’ve used one several times and had to get use to setting it right . I’m enjoying it so much that I’ll be taking it where ever I go.
    However, I do thank those talked about the frying pans, I almost ordered some. Thanks again.

  13. Debra

    Hmmmm…… I really like the pans, I have only the fry pans that came with my induction cook top (I really like that too) was thinking about ordering the whole set as they are on sale today (Black Friday) for $129.00 with free shipping so that I would find a review (to see what others thought) when I came across this.

    I never even tried to fry anything in it without cooking spray, I have never had a problem with them at all. All in all, I think I will still order them at the bargain price, I would like a new set of pans and they will be delivered to my front door. Perhaps I will use them for a while and update my comments at a later date.

  14. Bruce

    Just bought the cooktop and set of pans and then read all of these negative comments. I bought them at WalMart, where I work, for $99 each minus my 25% discount for a total of $150. I will take them back if they are as bad as described.

    I do question, however, the fact that the induction burner advertises a “Sear” setting of up to 575 degrees and the Duralon 2 instructions recommend that 350 degrees be the max in order to prevent “scorch, burn, and discolor” of the pans. WHAT’S UP WIT THAT? I wonder if a flat bottom cast iron skillet would be better to use on the induction burner for searing and blackening? Has anyone tried this?

  15. Bruce

    In addition to my earlier comments and questions, I forgot to question, if the recommended top temperature for the pans is recommended to be 350, why would the automatic start up temp of the burner be 425 degrees?

  16. Janene

    I have owned the induction plate for several monhs and I love it! The pan that came with the cook top is still in excellent shape and works as it did when I first used it. I use both every other day.
    I just recently bought an 8 piece set from Kohls. I haven’t used those yet, but expect hem to work just as well.

  17. Bluebird

    The small, nonstick skillet that came with my Nuwave induction cooktop is no longer non-stick, with or without oil. Fried eggs are a nightmare. I’m going to go back to using my old cast iron skillets. However, I do love the induction cooktop. I use it with my stove top pressure cooker and it has really made that much easier.

  18. David

    You show the Duralon 2 and also mention it in your review. But, you show the older Green Pan in your picture. Did you retest, using the copper colored pans? The non-stick is now Duralon 2, not the Green Pan. Are you claiming that they are both the same, except for the color? You don’t actually say. If this is the case, how do you know? Did the company tell you that? I HAVE SEEN a cheaper line, also COPPER in color, that they make and that are called Duralon, not Duralon 2. Since there are different ceramic non-sticks on the market, it is not unreasonable to think that they have developed a new formulation. The reason that I am asking this, is that I own the copper Duralon 2 ones and I am thinking about buying the pots, to use on the NuWave PIC. I don’t use my fry pans everyday. I use them maybe once a week, sometimes more, and so far, they are holding up. But, I don’t want to waste my money, if they aren’t going to hold up over time.

    This has been a little long winded, so I will ask again, more simply. Did you test the Duralon 2 pans?

  19. kitchenboy

    @David – No I did not test the Duralon 2 pans as they were not made available to us at that time because it didn’t exist. My comments and review are about the original line, but I must reiterate that color of the non-stick coating has nothing to do with version. If the pan says it is Duralon 2, then it is – Don’t go by the non-stick coating color.

    As for the durability of Duralon 2, I can’t say. My feeling on non-stick inside of sauce pans and pots is that I don’t find it all that necessary. Skillets and maybe saute pans, but sauce pans and soup pots just don’t have the same issues with stuck on foods.

    Thanks for reading

  20. kitchenboy

    @Bruce – sorry for the late reply, the holidays got away from me. If their material said 350, that would be odd, because the website has different information. The Duralon 2 Ceramic Non-Stick Fry Pan can withstand heats up to 850°F for short periods. The recommended cooking temperature should not exceed 450°F.

    The 450°F is pretty standard for non-stick cookware, consistent temperatures way in excess of that begin to break down the surface. Duralon was meant for high heat but I think they had backed away from the 850°F claims a bit. It’s not good for the pan.

    So I agree with you, if you want reasonable temperatures used with the PIC Cooktop, then why have auto presets higher at start up? It doesn’t make much sense. Even though induction is a better heat, temperatures above the recommendations will still shorten the life of a non-stick pan.

    Thanks for reading

  21. Gusg

    Bruce and kitchenboy, I just read your comments about the sear setting on the PIC cooktop. I received my cooktop and pots plus a grill top skillet for searing. It works great ! Just like cooking on a grill.

  22. Bigfoot

    I agree with Bluebird. I am using mostly cast iron, I have a pan, a skillet, and a grill that work fantastic. I can crank up the Sear without worry. I have had the PIC since Dec 2014 and the Duralon 2 skillet that came with it, and a few more pieces I purchased are showing signs of wear and losing it’s sheen. Bamboo and Silicone utensils seem to be the best. I have had pieces of plastic melt off of other lower cost non-stick utensils. Still seems to be relatively non-stick, but not as much as when first used. I am on the lookout for a ceramic coated induction set that looks like it may last a few years, so far, in scouring the NET, it does not seem to exist yet. I am not going back to my T-Fal, as much as the performance was good, not interested in eating pieces of PTFE. The $250 per item price tag on “Le Creuset” may not be all that bad, after all, when this is all said and done?

  23. Robert Martin

    I have bought a complete set and after 6 Months of minimum use I would recommend buying any other Pans but these. I am very dissatisfied with their product and in short….THEY SUCK

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