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Recall of Martha Stewart Enamel Cast Iron Casseroles

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This recall notice, which I got from Home World Business, is not meant as a slam on Martha Stewart brand products or the retailers who sold them, but rather an indictment of what happens when customers look for value priced products. There are many companies who make similar quality pots, also manufactured in China. The quality is just not there and while you save money up front, you get questionable product safety with poorer performance. The “value” ovens, made with lesser quality iron and casting, create uneven cooking areas often called hot spots.

In an article I wrote about enamel cast iron pots, I outlined the differences in the two classes of enameled cast iron pots.

As I concluded in the previous article, yes the French pots are expensive, but when you consider that the cookware will last for 70+ years and perform well throughout, the real value becomes evident. In spite of how we in America shop, price is not the true indicator of the value of a product.

For those who may have bought these ovens, here is the recall press release from

Martha Stewart Enamel Cast Iron Casseroles Recalled

Macy’s has voluntarily recalled its Martha Stewart Enamel Cast Iron Casseroles, which the retailer has said can crack or break during use, posing a burn or laceration hazard. The effort involves about 960,000 units.

The recall involves Martha Stewart Enamel Cast Iron Casseroles in 7-quart, 5.5-quart and 2.75-quart sizes, with exterior enamel finishes in red, cobalt blue, sand, green, blue, white, mustard, brown and teal, with cream colored interior finishes. The casseroles are embossed with Martha Stewart Collection on the bottom and lid handle.

The recalled units were sold at Macy’s stores and AAFES, MCX and NEX locations nationwide, and on between June 2007 and June 2011 for between about $25 and $170.

Consumers who have purchased any of the affected Martha Stewart Enamel Cast Iron Casseroles should return them to any Macy’s store for a full refund.

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2 Responses to “Recall of Martha Stewart Enamel Cast Iron Casseroles”

  1. KitchenBoy

    @Crumrine – having worked in retail I can tell you that each store has their own policy regarding returns without a receipt. Most will exchange a product for in-store credit without a receipt and most, if not all will accept a return related to a recall even if you don’t have a receipt.

    If you paid by credit card, there will be a record of the purchase at the store where you purchased it. Even the smallest retailer keeps shopper records going back a couple of years.

    My advice would be to contact the retailer and tell them you don’t have a receipt. Given this is a product recall they should be understanding as long as the cookware falls into the recall criteria.


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