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Regal Home & Gifts Business Re-Launched – Not To Be Confused With Regal Ware USA

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It took just over 100 days for the new owners of Regal Home & Gifts Inc., Howard Goldstein and Fred Pritchard, to select a line of products, recruit RegalĀ® ambassadors, hire staff, produce both a print catalog and a website, and get the iconic Regal catalog into the hands of eager customers across Canada.

Regal Home and Gifts logo

Regal Home & Gifts Business Re-Launched


So what does this home and gift company have to do with Kitchenboy and his readers? Interestingly enough, at one point a “Regal brand” was part of Groupe SEB France – notable brand names associated with Groupe SEB include All-Clad, Krups, Moulinex, Rowenta, IMUSA and Tefal. I always assumed Groupe SEB’s Regal, which is no longer listed in the brand association, was this Canadian-based home and gift brand.

For many years, consumers confused the Groupe SEB Regal brand with REGAL WARE of the United States and more than a few people contacted Kitchenboy for clarification. This brand mix-up lead consumers to believe that Groupe SEB controlled the long time American cookware company. Given that there is no longer any mention of Regal at Groupe SEB, it is impossible to say for certain what happened with that particular Regal brand.

This rebirth of Regal Home & Gifts comes at a fascinating time because Regal Ware’s American Kitchen Cookware recently experienced a renewal of its own.

As we reported here, after a nearly five year hiatus from the brick-and-mortar retail segment of housewares, Regal Ware is bringing its American Kitchen cookware line back to the market. While it has been an on again off again ride with this product line, after speaking to people within the company, there seems to be a real commitment to the retail presence of American Kitchen Cookware.

Now turning back to Regal Home and Gifts, Goldstein and Pritchard, who also own the successful online retailer Golda’s Kitchen Inc., purchased the trademarks and web assets from the appointed receiver last October and have been working hard ever since to re-launch the business.

“We are delighted to offer a range of unique home products and gifts that will meet our customers’ expectations for quality and value,” remarked Fred Pritchard, “and we are leveraging technology to provide a seamless shopping and delivery experience.”

RegalĀ® Ambassadors continue the almost 100-year old tradition of direct sales to customers and are now selling in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and PEI. Operations will start in the remaining provinces and territories once the required licenses are issued.

So to reiterate, Regal Ware of the United States and Regal Home & Gifts of Canada are not the same company, and neither are owned by Groupe SEB of France.

Is that clear enough for everyone?


2 Responses to “Regal Home & Gifts Business Re-Launched – Not To Be Confused With Regal Ware USA”

  1. kitchenboy

    Cynthia, as I am sure you are aware, but I wanted to reiterate, the article you read about Regal Home & Gifts Business was written by someone (me) not associated with the company. I am simply independent media reporting on kitchenware news and products.

    I would recommend you contact the reborn company about representative opportunities.

    Thanks for reading

  2. Cynthia McEwen

    So does this mean,as a sales rep from before the regal closure, I need to request being a rep again or does my information is still available to you?.

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