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VacuVita New Food Saver From Holland

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Increasingly I am asked to look at new products under development. Not all of the companies fall into my area of interest, but now and then one catches my eye; VacuVita is one such product.

What Is VacuVita?

VacuVita, the product of an innovative Dutch cooking enthusiast, Bauke Bokma de Boer, is designed to ensure people can store food easily and safely. Food is often not stored correctly because we can’t find the time or a really good means to do so.

The people at VacuVita feel they have the solution in their new product by using quiet techniques to remove the main reasons why food spoils: ambient air and light. Removing the air coupled with shielding the food from light will reduce fungal and bacterial growth significantly. By using a light vacuum, food will have a longer shelf life and equally important it will stay fresh and delicious.

Although there are a lot of storage options on the market today, few make use of what is called a light-proof vacuum. Those that do are often impractical for daily use and certainly not as beneficial to the environment. A machine like VacuVita eliminates the need for unsustainable packaging, aluminum foil or cheap plastic storage containers.

VacuVita food containers

VacuVita food containers


The company feels a vacuum storage device in the kitchen should be standard alongside the refrigerator, freezer and kitchen cabinets.

Their intention was to design a machine that blends ease of use, style and function to appeal to home chefs and consumers who are interested in sustainable products. Their system also allows consumers to save money by buying in bulk and reducing wasted or spoiled food.




Based on the videos and press materials I’ve seen, it appears to be very easy to use; to seal your food away safely, simply close the lid of the VacuVita. The subtle LED light and notification sound will indicate that all is well.

To retrieve food from the VacuVita system, all you need is to touch the sensor and the device will unseal instantly, giving you access to your still fresh products inside.

VacuVita with Coveros

VacuVita with Coveros


It can replace “tupperware-like” storage containers via a tube extension off the base unit which attaches to individually sold containers of various sizes called Covero.

Using either the main VacuVita or the Coveros, this product is more than just a food saver or storage device; with a vacuum like this it is also possible to marinate meat or fish faster or to prepare food to cook ‘sous vide’.

Fast Marinating

Fast Marinating

Development Status of VacuVita

At this point the company is using crowd funding to continue to raise capital and like other offers, will provide you with several tiers of benefits for money donated.

I feel like this system has the ability to really catch on and even win some awards.

If you would like to help out an up and coming small business or get in early with a cool new product, visit their funding site

IndieGoGo Funding site :

Update July 2013 – A message from Vacuvita founder Bauke Bokma de Boer

The success of our crowd funding campaign has been overwhelming.

At first, we could not even imagine reaching more than 300% of our goal! This definitely shows how many people care about preventing food spoilage!

Our success has led to a couple of changes in our planning. Because of the amazing demand of the VacuVita system and requests for new features like (semi)transparent Coveros, it became necessary to slightly rethink our production and distribution schedule Unfortunately, we figured this could mean that we will have to extend the September deadline. We realize that this may sound disappointing, and the VacuVita team kindly asks everyone for their understanding. Your patience is being appreciated, as we are optimizing the delivery phase of the unique VacuVita system. In return, you can expect even more quality products and you will enable us to carve the path for the future of our rapid growing business. We will share our revised schedule with you in about 2 weeks and will try to keep you informed of the progressions we make in a biweekly update.

When production is on its way we will contact all buyers personally to specify there color preferences and alter their shipping addresses if needed.

In the meantime Indiegogo has allowed us to extend our campaign another 12 days. Which is great for those who almost missed out on our large crowd funding discount. Please tell your friends because it will be the last time we can offer them this large a discount.

Thank you all again for your support.

Bauke Bokma de Boer and the VacuVita Team

***Update January 2015***

Hi Phillip,
Thank you for your email. It’s true that we have a major delay, but the reason is that we want to make sure we will deliver a great system, fully tested. We are updating through our website: Maybe you can place the link on your website for those who like to be informed?

Hartelijke groet,
Bauke Bokma de Boer

**Update July 2016**

Once again, on behalf of those who have left comments and sent emails, I contacted Bauke Bokma de Boer, founder of VacuVita, about the delay in fulfilling their orders. They left an update on the ‘Progress’ website listed above on 25 July and sent me this reply…

Thank you for your email. Indeed we experienced a lot of problems and had to invest much more time and money in the production of the Vacuvita systems as we were hoping for. This week finally the first container of systems is on its way to our customers and we are setting up production for all other customers. Because we had so many delays and disappointments during development we decided not to give any more shipment schedules in our updates and first finish the system as we planned long ago.

I believe most backers will appreciate the result of all our hard work when receiving the system. Our backers will receive a system that is way under market price and is tested thoroughly.

Eventually we will not disappoint them, but I completely understand the way some of them feel about the progress. For now I am happy I have managed to proceed with the whole project at all, because the crowdfunding money was not enough to set up the production for the current system.

I will be interested to see if anyone receives their orders in 2016. Best of luck to you all.


16 Responses to “VacuVita New Food Saver From Holland”

  1. Kim Ben-Salahuddin

    I finally received my Vacuvita Home Base and four additional storage containers. After 2-3 years, I received it on Saturday, December 24 – Xmas Eve! What a wonderful surprise and Xmas gift. So far, the Home Base works well. I have yet to try vacuuming the food storage units – but, I’m believing all is well.

    Great looking product and extremely satisfied.

  2. tom oconnor

    Well folks I am happy to say that today I received my system expertly packaged and cannot wait to get it home and try it! Have faith people your orders are on the way!

  3. JeSal

    Thanks for the follow-ups, Kitchenboy…that reply from “the founder” is what he’s been saying from the start.
    Late in 2015 or early 2016, they told me they’d sent the first shipment, and explained that, though I had what appeared to be a very low order number, that didn’t mean I’d be in that early group, because orders received from different places were numbered differently, or some such implausible excuse (there’s always an excuse, amazingly just discovered right after they’ve made some promise…
    I’d be fascinated if you could EVER locate people who’ve actually received what they’d ordered.

  4. kitchenboy

    Hopefully you all saw the update in the main article above, but if not, here is the reply from the founder…
    Hi Phillip,
    Thank you for your email. It’s true that we have a major delay, but the reason is that we want to make sure we will deliver a great system, fully tested. We are updating through our website: Maybe you can place the link on your website for those who like to be informed?

    Hartelijke groet,
    Bauke Bokma de Boer

  5. kitchenboy

    Hello Messrs. Bross & Vella, I have received no further communication from VacuVita or its people. I would think that if money had been collected from your account that you have recourse via Indiegogo. I would investigate that option if I were you.

    My quick research finds that their website is still up but listing the product as in preorder status. Their Facebook & Twitter feeds have been silent for almost a year. They were never big on Twitter, but the Facebook page seemed lively until February of 2014.

    The website has a 2014 date stamp on the bottom of the page, meaning no updates have been made since that time.

    I have sent a communication to all the emails list on the website. I also found the owner/founder on LinkIn, he has VacuVita listed as an active company there, in addition to 3 other active job listings. I sent him a connection request that included questions about the status of VacuVita. I will keep you apprised of any responses I receive.

    My gut feeling is this is not a scam, it’s too elaborate, too easy to trace and involves Indiegogo, whose reputation is at stake. If Vacuvita as a company failed and they said nothing to their clients, this wouldn’t be the first time I have encountered such a circumstance. However I will reserve final judgment until I know more.


  6. Marvin Bross

    New year 2015, no updates? I’m one of the 1st crowd funders.

  7. Carmel Vella

    I sent Vacuvita, US$ 179.00 in December if 2013.
    Been waiting ever since for the products I ordered. They do not even respond to my email.
    Be very careful who you send your money to.

  8. KitchenBoy

    @C Brown – I wrote to the VacuVita founder and received the following reply:

    “We are planning the first batch to be made in the Netherlands. Components are made all over the world. I can’t tell you yet how our future production will look like, but we will make sure it will be a sustainable production line with good labour circumstances.

    Kind regards,
    Bauke Bokma de Boer”

    Thanks for reading

  9. C Brown

    I see this is Dutch design. But where is it actually manufactured? Thanks.

  10. KitchenBoy

    @English – The containers are made of a Tritan class BPA-free plastic. Typically these higher grade plastics resist odors and shouldn’t retain smells between uses depending on what was stored in them. Something strong like garlic or onions might leave a smell, but would easily wash out. Except for the cover itself, which contain electronic elements, most everything else is dishwasher safe which would take out any stubborn odors. Again this grade of plastic shouldn’t retain soap odors or residues either.


  11. English

    Do you know what the containers are made from? Just want to know if food smells will leach into the plastic and make the next food item you store in them smell like the previous item – or worse, the dishwashing soap.

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