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Whiskey Disks Versus Teroforma Whiskey Stones

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After my popular article on the Teroforma Whiskey Stones (Do The Whiskey Stones Rock?), I learned about a similar product called Whiskey Disks. My initial reaction was, “Great, another, oh yeah we have a product like that…” However after closer examination, it seemed this might be a very credible product.

What are Whiskey Disks?

Whiskey Disks are large single disks, as opposed to Whiskey Stones which are small cubes. The disks are round, about 1 3/4″ in diameter. In basic function they work just like the Stones: you add one disk to your glass and pour 1-2 ounces of whiskey into the glass. After 5 minutes, enjoy your chilled whiskey.

How Are They Different?

Both are finely made and are similar though there are very slight differences.

Packaging – Both come with a muslin bag for freezer storage. Whiskey Disks come in a smaller box, so they generate less waste.

Contents – Whiskey Stones – 9 cubes, Whiskey Disks – 4 disks.

Price – Whiskey Stones – $19.99, Whiskey Disks – $24.99. Given that you need to use 3 Teroforma Stones per glass for optimal chilling, this works out to $6.66 per “serving” set. The Whiskey Disks are $6.25 per “serving.”

Weight – 3 Whiskey Stones weigh 2 7/8 ounces, 1 Whiskey Disk weighs 2 7/8 ounces.

Material – Both are made from soapstone, manufactured and shipped from USA: Teroforma from Vermont. Whiskey Disks material from Quebec, Canada though made in New Hampshire.

How Do They Function?

Performance of the two products mirror the closeness of their physical aspects. In the tests I did, I used Schott Zwiesel Double Old Fashion glasses, pouring approximately 1 ounce of 15 year old Balvenie Single Barrel Single Malt Scotch Whiskey. I used 3 Teroforma stones and 1 Whiskey Disk.

Whiskey disks in glass

Whiskey rocks in glass

Both products lower the temperature 7-12 degrees after 5 minutes of resting. The drop was variant based on how cool the starting temperature was due to the ambient room temperature. The results were almost identical with only a .1 to .3 degree temperature difference between the two. They took up about the same amount of space in the bottom of the glass, with the 3 stones being slightly larger, but only by a few millimeters.

Whiskey disks side by side

Whiskey rocks side by side

Whiskey stones on disk

Whiskey stones on disk

As for the taste, my wife and I could not discern any difference between the two. Although one time we both thought that the Disks provided a smoother taste in one test, but this could not be replicated in subsequent tests.

As for the “in glass” activity, the Whiskey Disk does not tumble around the glass as the Stones have a tendency to do toward the end of the beverage. I did notice the disk turned on its side once and rolled back toward my lips, but in general stayed fairly static. Being soapstone, neither would scratch the glass. In spite of the fact I didn’t think that it would, the Whiskey Disk did fit into a Riedel Single Malt glass. However it did not sit flush with the bottom and could flip against the side during the latter stages. It wasn’t as attractive a look as you want with a delicate, specialty glass like that anyway.

The main difference in the two products is that the Whiskey Disks serve 4 people while the Teroforma Stones would allow only 3 people to have adequate chilling.


Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t changed my opinion of the Teroforma Whiskey Stones, they are a fine product that I enjoy using. Aesthetically, the Whiskey Stones look like ice cubes versus the Disks but in the end, I have to give a slight edge to the Whiskey Disks. The reason is simple, you get more serving capability and less movement in the glass with the disks. The function being almost identical and given the price for an equal number of serving stones from Teroforma would be $26.64, the Whiskey Disks are slightly cheaper also.

I hope to see the Whiskey Disks in more retail locations in the coming months/years. The only way to purchase them as of this writing is online at

For an in depth look at what these type of stones will or won’t do, read the original article, Do The Whiskey Stones Rock?

As for similar competition, there are “Sea Stones On The Rocks Granite Chillers” that I have seen on Now these are granite and not soapstone. I received the following comment on my website: “soapstone has more thermal mass and wont give off any mineral taste”. I’m pretty certain that this comment was left by the maker of one of the soapstone products, but I can’t be certain how much aftertaste may occur or whether the granite would harm your crystal either. Regardless, I wanted to make you all aware of the options.



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2 Responses to “Whiskey Disks Versus Teroforma Whiskey Stones”

  1. Mikeluther

    The whiskey stones are used to chill the drink. The Whiskey Stones Gift Set is the best gift of your uncle or dad. So, go for it today.

  2. Simon Jowitt

    I’ve just bought some of the whisky stones for my father for Father’s Day – will be interesting to see what he thinks of them. One thing about the granite chillers; whilst soapstone is basically made of the mineral talc, which is very very soft (hence the soapy feel that the whisky stones and discs have), if the granite chillers are actually granite (and not a different rock – “granite” can be used as a generic term for a hard rock) then these chillers would be composed of minerals called quartz and feldspar; whilst feldspar is softer than glass, quartz is not, so there may be a slight rist of scratching of the whisky glass. This is probably a low risk, given that glass and quartz are very close in terms of hardness.

    However, if you went for the ultimate bling whisky chiller, made of diamond, there would be a significant risk of scratching, although the very very high thermal conductivity of diamond means diamond chillers would cool your whisky down very very quickly, although it may not stay cool for long! Still, that’d mean you’d have to drink it fairly quickly and pour yourself another…

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