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Phillip Fought a.k.a. KitchenBoy- Owner, Editor

As publisher and editor, I am responsible for this independent media site, It is my joy to be a total culinary product “geek” for the benefit of my readers. I enjoy researching news and information concerning available products, brands, styles from the kitchen & housewares manufacturers. The job is simple and pleasurable – to immerse myself in the details to help people understand the sometimes confusing world of culinary tools and gadgets.

Since their establishment, I have been a proud panel judge for the annual International Housewares Association Innovation Awards.

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International Housewares Association Innovation Awards


Sara Fought – Copy Editor, adviser.

Sara is an excellent copy editor for the articles we post on the site. Her attention to detail is exacting and I am indebted to her editorial skill. Sara also serves as a capable adviser. Her many years in marketing give her an insight that I lack and her advice has helped us grow this brand. Whatever the future holds, Sara will help us get there wisely.

Other contributors – While we accept freelance contributions, at this time we have no other permanent writers on staff.

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8 Responses to “Who We Are”

  1. kitchenboy

    Davina, I have written about Aluminized Steel in detail and you can read that article here. In short, aluminized steel is a steel sheet that has been hot-dip coated on both sides with an aluminum-silicon alloy. The silicon provides adherence of the aluminum which then protects against corrosion, allowing for the use of the product without worrying about rust. Steel has a slower heat transference but higher heat capacity and therefore will provide more even consistent heat during baking than pure aluminum. Pure aluminum has a fairly high heat conductivity, transferring the energy quickly through the pan, resulting in what some feel is uneven cooking. In other words, the bottom and sides may cook faster than the top or exposed portion of a batter.

    Carbon steel, like aluminized steel, has a high heat capacity that while slow to heat up provides more even baking with less hot spots and less over browning or scorching. Also, both will be stronger and won’t twist or bend during use like inexpensive aluminum bakeware is prone to doing.

    As to which is best, well that is a matter of personal preference. Aluminized steel is fairly ubiquitous and bakes very well, carbon and stainless steel bakeware is on the rise, but not as commonly available. I don’t think you can go wrong with either.

    Hope this helps

  2. davina

    Happy to find you site. Sounds like people who cares about the consumers. Can you tell me a bit about Carbon Steel compared to Aluminumized steel for bake wares?

  3. Mark Mechelse

    Thanks for featuring some content from the GMDC business session that will take place this weekend. Hope to see you and many others there! — Mark Mechelse

  4. Nicole Miner

    Late to the party, but very glad to be here. What a wonderful find!

  5. bernard linney

    Good to be browsing your blog once more, it has been months for me.

  6. Joys

    Just found this site today while checking out beater blade, awesome sharing! I will be following your blogposts.

  7. Shodunke

    Always glad to learn more about culinary stuff….Thanks for sharing your knowledge

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