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Wine Squirrel Launches New Decanter, Claims To Preserve Wine for Weeks

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There is a new product, called Wine Squirrel, designed to solve a common dilemma faced by wine drinkers everywhere – what to do with tired, overly oxygenated wine? This long standing problem can occur shortly after a wine has been opened. Of course many companies have offered solutions, but for Wine Squirrel, the key to keeping oxygen away from the wine is a unique patent-pending mechanism. This fairly simple device provides an airtight seal so secure that wine lovers can place the decanter horizontal or upside down without spilling wine.

Wine Squirrel leak proof decanter

Wine Squirrel leak proof decanter


Wine Squirrel is the creation of Forever Products LLC, a family company founded by Tony Gonsalves and his brother, Maurice Gonsalves. Tony, a physicist based in Berkeley California, created the Wine Squirrel concept and developed it in conjunction with Clive Solari from the Sydney-based industrial design firm D3 Design. Maurice is an attorney and wine lover who gave up his job last year to focus on making Wine Squirrel a reality.

To complete their goal, the company has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $30,000 in 30 days; as of this writing, two days into the campaign, they are over half way to their goal.

“We have tested Wine Squirrel endlessly with both red and white wine to make sure Wine Squirrel is effective on all fronts,“ said Maurice Gonsalves, Wine Squirrel CEO. “Wine Squirrel is truly unique in its elegance, simplicity and ability to preserve wine for weeks.”

Wine Squirrel In Action

The sealing process is simple and appears to take less than a minute to complete. First, wine is poured into the crystal decanter. Next, the seal is inserted into the decanter and pushed down until it reaches the level of wine. Finally, the seal is engaged by turning the knob clockwise to create the airtight seal. When it comes time to have another glass, simply turn the knob counterclockwise to remove the seal and pour a glass of wine. Given how it is designed, the process of sealing should be able to be used time and again without compromising the effectiveness of the seal.

The videos are edited in such a way as to not show the complete process, but it does appear possible that a very small amount of wine may be trapped above the sealing device that would need to be poured off. Without testing the product I can’t know for sure, but would be interested to see how it works in practice.

wine squirrel in action

Wine Squirrel in action


No offense intended to the Wine Squirrel people, but when I looked at this information, another wine preserver/decanter came to mind. The Highwave Float (and Float2 decanter preserver combo) utilizes a similar principle, an object sitting on the wine, locking out air for the purpose of preserving it.

I realize that the two systems are in fact different:

1) Highwave uses a simple float sitting on the surface and the Wine Squirrel preserves using an expanding sealer.

2) Highwave claims to preserve for only a few days, while Wine Squirrel claims a seal so tight the preservation will last for weeks.

The Highwave float sitting on top does give it the advantage of being easier to pour wine when ready, but this may be the reason for its shorter preservation time.

wine squirrel on table

Wine Squirrel sealed tight


That said, I still feel the Wine Squirrel technology is very intriguing and will be curious to see if the preservation claims hold true. If all goes according to plan, I can also envision them introducing an aerator as part of a second phase product offering, but first things first.

Wine Squirrel is currently available for preorder on Kickstarter starting at $45 for one Wine Squirrel. For more information or to preorder, please visit the Wine Squirrel Kickstarter page at http:///

After the KickStarter campaign ends, all sales and information will go through their website –


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