Ehh, I’ll stick with my old favorites, my 8″ Shun (ken onion) multi-tasker, my 10″ carbon steel “French Chef”, my 3″ stainless birds beak, 3″ carbon parer and of course, my Shun Pro “Usuba bocho” a ‘handed’ knife (right handed in my case) it has only an angle on one side and that is a 15 degree angle as compared to a 20 degree European knife, and the other side is flat with a slight (ura oshi) scallop in it (honyaki steel, and handmade). The shape is “higashigata” style (the square tip) It is not for cutting hard winter squash and the like but every other vegetable? It’s astounding! Japanese knives are made in either “Awase ” or “Honyaki”. Awase is basically a clad knife: A very hard carbon steel is clad with a soft iron or steel. Kasumi actually means “mist/fog” and it is used to refer the hazy pattern on an awase knife,