The International Home and Houseware Show

There’s a reason we like to refer to “home sweet home” – it’s the one place in this crazy world we can always find comfort and warmth. It’s a place to retreat to after a day of dealing with all the nuisances of daily life, one that invites us to shed our grievances, wind down and relax.

It’s the one place we can be ourselves and, if we put a lot of love and thought into its design and furnishings, it becomes an extension of ourselves too. The art, furniture, ornaments and appliances inform our personalities and our interests.

Most of us spend a lot of time perfecting our living spaces, continuously adapting it to our needs and desires. Household appliances also play an important role in these improvements.

They serve to facilitate daily tasks thus giving us more time to enjoy our carefully curated living rooms, get productive in our motivating office spaces and cozy up for a deep sleep in our calming bedrooms.

There are many places to turn to for inspiration when looking to invest in new household appliances, décor or furniture pieces. You’ll find a wealth of gorgeous design ideas on Pinterest and dreamy spreads in magazines such as Home & Living.

Blogs like Appliance Connection, on the other hand, will keep you up to date with the latest on new, trendy household appliances with reviews on the best brands and products of the moment.

However, the best place to experience, test and familiarize yourself with all the latest household gadgets and décor, is at the International Home and Houseware Shows in Chicago.

Exhibiting the Best in Home and Houseware Goods

Aimed at offering an efficient platform for different manufacturers to showcase their products, what was once known as the Home & Houseware Show was first launched by the NHFMA (now International Housewares Association) in 1927, following its first pilot phase in New York in 1906.

Between January 3rd and 7th, 1928, a group of 115 manufacturers gathered in the former Conrad Hilton Hotel in Chicago, to introduce the public to their products – everything from state-of-the-art kitchen technologies to bedding and entertainment systems.

The exhibition quickly established itself as an international marketplace and by 1949, saw buyers from 11 countries participating.

The show has undergone various changes over the years including its name and venue, having moved from its original home-base, at Navy Pier, to the McCormick Place. Today, it is known as The Inspired Home Show and is the largest houseware trade show in North America.

With an 816,000 ft2 space for exhibitors to showcase all the latest tools, gadgets and functional home design pieces, visitors can explore booths comfortably and in a pleasant atmosphere that serves to inspire.

Exhibits feature kitchenware that will brighten up any dinner table, storage containers and systems for organized homes, “products that electrify the home, the self and the store” and The Hall of Innovation, spotlighting all the latest smart appliances for the home and kitchen.

The Inspired Home Show is also known to put on fantastic displays that allow us to truly experience new gadgets and designs and visualize having them in our own homes.

From the Pantone ColorWatch display exhibiting the colour palettes of the season to the Inventor’s Corner, where 60 of the brightest inventors showcase creations designed to facilitate your home-lifestyle – this tradeshow is as exciting for buyers as it is for homeware enthusiasts.

The Inspired Home Show

There’s more to the tradeshow than its innovative exhibits and captivating displays. As the name of the show already suggests it was created to inspire, and one way to do so is through education.

Each show, which runs for a total of four days in March, features keynote presentations by experts spanning from various parts of the homeware industry.

These are geared at buyers, manufacturers and the general public with topics ranging from consumer behavior to houseware trends and smart home products.

Last year’s keynote speakers included Erika Sirimanne, Euromonitor’s head of home and garden, who discussed Digital Disruption, and Mark Mechelse and Mike Anthony with their presentation titled, The Consumer’s Share of Spend – Impact in Grocery and How to Win.

The Inspired Home Show pulls out all stops in its quest to provide buyers, consumers and home design devotees with a unique and memorable shopping experience that will spark new ideas through new products and stock prospects for independent stores.

Always following in line with consumer trends and staying on top of the latest developments in public demand, it continues to be the best event for home and houseware goods that turns the south wing of the McCormick Place into a physical Pinterest with many extras.

An eye-opening event for consumers, a fantastic opportunity for vendors and an exciting date for buyers, The Inspired Home Show brings us the most innovative trends of the present and future.

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