The Zippy Pop Home Popcorn Maker

Popcorn is a universally loved snack and can be healthy and indulgent depending on the toppings you add. However, the traditional way of popping corn often involved heating a pan with oil and putting the lid on until the popping stopped often resulted in burnt and unpopped kernels.

Although there are now new ways to make popcorn including microwave bags, there can be chemicals in these and many people want to return to a more natural way of cooking.

Zippy Pop is a new idea for creating popcorn that is designed to allow you to add your own ingredients and keep the popcorn moving to prevent sticking and burning.

The Design

The Zippy Pop is a cooking pan design made from different materials depending on the version you choose. The pan is covered with a non-stick coating to prevent sticking when adding the ingredients. The pan is designed to be used on stovetops and the construction leads to effective heating.

The pan lid incorporates three vents to allow steam to escape, and so that it keeps the lid clear to help view the popcorn when it’s cooking.

The lid also has a handle passing through the center with a paddle in the end. This enables you to stir the popcorn while it’s cooking without the need to remove the lid using the product’s patented tumbling mechanism. The stirring action helps to ensure all the kernels are heated and popped and also allows an even coating of the ingredients over the popcorn.

Also incorporated into the lid is a silicone cover port that can be removed while cooking so that you can add your ingredients. This means that you don’t have the problem of popcorn overspilling when you try to add the toppings.

It is suggested that this product can cook popcorn in about four and a half minutes, but this depends on the number of kernels that you are using.

The whole pan including the lid and the tumbling mechanism is dishwasher safe which means it is easy to keep clean, especially with the non-stick surface.


There are two versions of this product that consumers can buy. One is made from premium stainless steel, and the other is made from high-quality aluminum with a non-stick coating added.

The capacity of the product is 5.5 quarts which means it can pop about ⅓ of a cup of kernels per batch. If you need to make more than this, then the non-stick coating allows you to quickly wash it out and start again.

There are also five color versions of this product including Red Marble, Zippy Silver, Black Marble, Zippy Black, and Zippy Red. Some pans in the range also have an all stainless steel handle, while others have a silicone grip.

Other Uses

Although primarily designed to make popcorn, this product can also be used to roast and flavor nuts and other snacks. This makes it a versatile snack making product and one that allows you to use natural ingredients.

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